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Our Team


Owner & Centre Director


I am delighted to be the new owner of the Hamilton Oxford Learning Centre! With 7 years of Human Resources experience, I love working with people and helping them reach their full potential.

My love of teaching stems from over 15 years of working with children and adult learners. I have a Master’s degree in Sociology from Lakehead University and I am TESL certified. I have also recently completed my certificate in Adult Education. I am a pet lover who enjoys spending time with my family & friends, reading mystery novels and watching basketball games.

As I will be at the Centre quite often, please introduce yourself! I would love to meet you and hear how Oxford Learning has helped your child learn and understand the world around them.

Mary Lane

Little Readers and Beyond Tutoring (up to Grade 3)


I am a mature, talented and caring person who loves to make a difference in the lives of young children. I am open-minded, patient and supportive towards other people especially children or those who suffer with disabilities. I have an excellent ability to remain good-humoured and unflappable under pressure. I am a retired teacher with many years of teaching experience and have been the Little Readers Teacher at Oxford Learning for 10 years+. I continue to be amazed at the excitement I see on the faces of young children when they suddenly announce "I know my sounds and I can read."

Nathalie Tadros

French and Beyond Tutoring


I joined the Oxford Learning teaching team at the Hamilton centre in November and have benefitted so much from the experience of working with amazing kids! I recently graduated from McMaster University where I obtained an Honours Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology and a Minor in French. I enjoy helping students improve their French language skills in reading and writing, as well as oral communication. My time at Oxford Learning has been rewarding so far and I look forward to continue helping students reach their full potential."

Rachel Meyers

Little Readers and Advantage English


Hi! My name is Rachel Meyers. I'm a 4th year Concurrent Education student. My journey to becoming a teacher so far has been motivating and inspiring. I am continually amazed by students and their potential. I'm dedicated to student success and believe that each child has an innate ability to achieve any academic goal they have. I understand that each student is different and different strategies are needed to ensure that success and achievement. Through the programs provided by Oxford Learning, and my own expertise in subject areas, I look forward to watching every student improve as a learner!

Daniel Purnell

Beyond Tutoring


Hello! My name is Daniel and I am a graduate of Charles Sturt University in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia with a Bachelor of Education degree. I graduated in 2014 and supply taught in Australia in 2014/2015. I have experience teaching Kindergarten to Grade 6 in schools. I love teaching at Oxford Learning and being able to do my part in student learning and development. Teaching is a passion of mine and am very lucky to have this professional development and learning new things in Canada. Outside of teaching, I like cooking and spending time with friends and family. I also like to listen to music, travel and visit other countries and watch sports. But Rugby League is the greatest game of all!

Elizabeth Rawlin

French and Beyond Tutoring

Elizabeth Rawlin has had a dream of becoming a teacher since she was three years old. She is now making that dream a reality by completing her undergrad degree and teaching degree in the concurrent education program at Laurier and Nipissing Universities in Brantford, and will be graduating in June 2016. Elizabeth has also been teaching dance both recreationally and competitively for seven years, giving her great experience working with a variety of ages. Elizabeth has completed three placement blocks in Hamiltonian schools through her university program, including a French placement in her second year. Elizabeth has been a part of the Oxford Learning community for about a year and a half.

Sofia Gordon

Advantage English and Math


Teaching has always been a passion of mine. What drew me to Oxford Learning was their emphasis on cognitive skill development; being there to guide students as they problem solve, and discover how they learn best, is why I love teaching. I am in my final year in Brock University’s Concurrent Education program. I specialize in Mathematics and English at the Intermediate/Senior level and graduate with my BSc (Hons) and BEd this spring. I am excited to work closely with students as they develop study skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of learning!

Elizabeth Salvo

Advantage Math and Science


My name is Elizabeth Salvo, and I tutor mainly high school students in math and science subjects at Oxford Learning Center. I am currently completing a Master of Science degree in Chemical Biology at the Biointerfaces Institute of McMaster University. I plan to also complete a PhD in the future. As part of my education, I perform research in the laboratory focused on miniature analytical devices, and am a teaching assistant in university level chemistry courses. In my spare time, I enjoy dancing in ballet and tap styles.


What Some of our Students are Saying About Us...

Oxford Learning is very helpful. This is my second year coming here and I feel I am more confident in my work. I am stronger now in many subjects. Last year I was failing chemistry. I came to Oxford Learning and immediately improved scoring 95% on my next test and finishing the course with an 85%. Oxford Learning has also helped me with French. I now better understand the different parts of speech and how to apply them to my written work. This year I am attending Oxford Learning for assistance in Advanced Functions and Biology and am happy to say that I’m doing well in both classes. What I have most enjoyed about Oxford Learning is the friendly environment, the amount of attention I receive and the improvement I see in my marks and understanding of the subject matter. I’m always encouraging my friends to join. Thank-you!

The staff at Oxford Learning are very friendly and I always feel better about my school work after a session with Erica! She helped me ‘ace’ chemistry and feel more confident. This is my second year attending Oxford Learning and I feel more organized, confident and on top of things. It’s very close by and a great place to come to have your questions answered regarding homework/course material…and the treats are always great of course!

Oxford Learning has helped me so much! My classes here have helped me feel more confident in myself before I write a test…particularly in math. The staff and tutors have helped me to develop and further my understanding of math concepts better and assisted me in becoming more organized. I truly have enjoyed all the help that I have received and continue to receive from the staff here!

Since starting Oxford Learning, I feel more confident in math and my multiplication facts.

Oxford Learning has helped me to become stronger in areas of school that I was having trouble with before…particularly math. Oxford Learning has been helpful in assisting me with decoding word problems and learning my multiplication facts.

I have always struggled with basic math skills. Since coming to Oxford Learning, I now feel as though I have learned them. The tutors are always friendly and very supportive and my marks have consistently improved since coming here.

Coming to Oxford Learning has been extremely helpful for me. It provides me with a quiet learning environment and there is a small student to teacher ratio which ensures that my questions will always get answered. I have been very successful in math since starting here. The help Oxford Learning provides has helped me stay on track at school and helped me to keep my grades above average. I enjoy coming to Oxford Learning and would recommend coming here to anyone needing help, regardless of the subject matter.

Oxford Learning has assisted me in becoming a stronger, more organized writer as I get ready to start high school next year. My tutor has shown me how using a thesaurus and changing a ‘common’ word can improve my paragraph and strengthen the point I was trying to make. Coming to Oxford Learning has also made me aware of how important the editing process is.

The tutors at Oxford Learning understand me and that is what has made the experience here enjoyable. Coming to Oxford Learning has been extremely beneficial to me because unlike school, I feel better knowing you can just ask a person questions that properly understand you. The tutors at Oxford Learning have helped me become more confident and that made me join karate where I am now learning confidence, respect, responsibility and how to have FUN! Coming to Oxford Learning has put my Math and French marks off the charts and also helped me become more organized.

Oxford Learning is a great place to come if you are experiencing trouble in school. It has helped me to better understand the material I’m working on in school and given great strategies and suggestions on how I can improve.

Oxford Learning has been extremely helpful to me as I work to become more familiar with the area I am currently seeking help for. Coming to Oxford Learning offers me piece of mind. I always know that I will be able to receive help on subject material that I do not understand.


Past Events

Our Programs

Little Readers Ages 3-6

Children enjoy a balance of play, exploration, and discovery in a structured environment. Our individualized programs are a fun way to enhance cognitive skill development, in a caring environment and small classroom setting. The early learning years are irreplaceable, and it is never too early for children to get ahead!

Beyond Tutoring Grades 1-8

Students will follow individualized programs based on the results of their assessments. Our individualized programs have helped thousands of students improve their grades and build confidence and self-esteem. Let us help your child learn to think, focus, and get motivated—skills for a lifetime of success.

Advantage High School Success Grades 9-12

Take advantage of our program to help students tackle problem areas this school year and prepare for next year and beyond. High school means crunch time and we work to bridge any existing academic gaps while teaching effective organization and study strategies. Because the development of good high school study skills is not something that students are formally taught at school, we include it as an important element of our curriculum. These in-class strategies reduce stress and help students focus on success in high school and post-secondary school!

En Français Programs All Ages

We teach French to students of all ages and abilities. Whether French First Language, Immersion, or taking introductory classes, we can help! Learn French skills as well as other learning skills that will not only help with French, but all subjects!


Our college and university readiness programs don’t just help students cram for entrance exams; they help students prepare for ongoing post-secondary success!


Part-time French Teachers

The Oxford Learning Centre in Hamilton is looking for committed, reliable and enthusiastic individuals to join our team. Our French Programs offer individual support to students looking to improve their academic skills and study habits.

A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:
  • Extensive knowledge of written and verbal French Language
  • Experience in either teaching or tutoring
  • Strong English language written and oral communication skills
  • Strong ability to organize and multi-task

A dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives on seeing students succeed will enjoy this role. Interested candidates must be available at least two evenings per week as of 3:50 pm and some Saturdays. A commitment until the end of June 2016 is required.

Please email resumes and cover letters to:

Hamilton Oxford Learning

Attn: Rhea Makani
930 Upper Paradise Road
Hamilton, ON
L9B 2N1
Tel: 905-318-6363 Fax: 905-318-5115
Posted: September 9, 2015

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