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An Oxford Learning poem by one of our students! OLC poem

"Dear Sandy, My son Gavan began Oxford Learning in July 2012. He was very disorganized, and couldn’t do homework on his own. He would look for answers from me; for example if he did not know the meaning of a word he would call me rather than looking it up on his own. It was frustrating, and I wanted him to learn for himself. For two years we even tried a private tutor who would come to our home, but nothing helped. After the tutoring session he would have a million more questions for me to answer. Finally we found a flyer in the mail for Oxford Learning, and decided to try it. Now, Gavan is an honour roll high school student; since he started Oxford Learning he has become an independent learner. He is motivated to learn on his own and is organized. He does his homework by himself and uses his agenda to plan his work. He is enthusiastic about school now and he is concerned his own homework. He finishes most of it at school, and rather than asking me right away he tries to figure it out on his own first. Two days ago he forgot his textbook at school, remembered by himself as he could not do his daily review without it and went back to get it! Gavan’s letter grades continue to improve, and he is a more confident student. Thank you Oxford Learning for helping Gavan learn all these skills. It has relieved our family’s biggest stress!" Kam
"Dear Sandy & Angelica, Thank you for helping my high school daughter to get organized. Just by attending a month of classes at Oxford Learning (West Newton branch) she realizes that she can organize herself by using an agenda. I used to tell her the same thing repeatedly but nothing clicked. Now she is a self-initiated student who cares about her academic success. She looks for extra help to finish her assignments and projects. I saw the biggest improvement when she asked me to go to Chapters to get her some good books to read; she even mentioned to her Oxford Learning teacher that she “want[s] to read a chapter book before bed rather than using [my] cell phone”. She’s so enthusiastic to learn and enjoys coming to Oxford Learning. I am really excited to see her keep improving, and I am looking forward to her success in high school with Oxford Learning’s help." Ali
"My son Surjan started Oxford Learning (West Newton centre) in April 2012. We were looking for a program to help him prepare for kindergarten in the fall. At our first meeting with Sandy we realized that he would need much more preparation than we initially thought in order for him to be successful at school, especially because kindergarten was only five short months away. Because of this, we decided to enrol our 3 year old son Surveer as well. When Surjan began the Little Readers program at Oxford Learning he could colour well, but only knew his alphabet and number sequences. When we would try to help him read he would refuse and say “I can’t”. We tried everything but nothing would work. At Oxford Learning, he built a very strong foundation for reading with phonics. He began to accept challenges and stopped saying “I can’t”. His kindergarten teacher would complain that he was harsh with his peers and could not solve his problems independently. His focus was a problem as well. As he continued at Oxford Learning, his teacher saw improvements in his focus and concentration, and he started reading better. He began to understand what he was reading, and his turn-taking improved, as did his interactions with his peers. Now, Surjan is in grade 1 and he can read fluently, and likes to take out books from the library. His teacher has no complaints, and he is doing very well. Surveer is now in kindergarten and has made a very strong start at school all because of Oxford Learning. I strongly believe that Oxford Learning will help both my sons get into their dream universities. Thank-you to you and your team, you are doing a great job! A big thumbs-up from us!" Harmesh Pattar
"Dear Sandy and Jamie, Thank you so much for changing my daughter, Neena! The biggest difference Oxford Learning made in the last 5 months is that at home everyone can talk to and understand Neena when earlier only I could communicate with her. She was not talking much, her words were unclear, she was lacking interaction with other kids, and didn’t know how to behave around them. Now, Neena is so confident! Her behaviour improved so much at home and at her Little Reader program; she can listen and follow instructions instead of just shaking her head “no”. When she started Oxford Learning, she knew colours and shapes only and did not want to learn anything else. It was a nightmare to make her sit and do homework. Now, she’s so enthusiastic about learning her alphabet, sounds, and numbers. Wherever she goes she pays attention and applies her alphabet sounds like “f-f-flower” or “f-f-fan”. She is so happy to come to Oxford Learning and brings her homework to us without us reminding her. I really appreciate your hard work!" Nisha D.
"Amit started Oxford Learning in February 2012 because he was an ELL student. He did not like math and could not understand it in class or at home. When I tried to explain it to him, he would get really frustrated. He had no confidence or self-esteem. He would prepare for tests at home, but would still get all the questions wrong because he could not manage his time while taking tests. He was also very disorganized with his writing and could not put his thoughts on paper. Now, Amit is a straight A student; he is an independent learner who doesn't need to ask questions in math! These results speak for themselves; thank you so much Oxford Learning!" Dharmendra
"My son started Oxford Learning in March. Before, he didn't want to go to school and had no interest in studying. We tried different tutors but nothing worked. Now at Oxford Learning, he loves to come. Most importantly, he is showing lots of interest in finishing his school homework. He has started printing more clearly and neatly, showing his interest towards doing well and the habits Oxford Learning has improved. Thank you very much Oxford Learning!" Pirtpal
"Dear Sandy, Joshua loves your Little Reader program! After his first day at Oxford Learning, he said “When am I coming back to Oxford Learning?” and has loved coming since. This is his favourite school. I saw huge improvements in his attention span in a school environment. At preschool, teachers always complained that he could not focus and would get distracted by his friends. We tried talking to Joshua about this but it did not work and he would throw big tantrums. We were frustrated dealing with all this. I always asked my husband when he picked up Joshua if he had a tantrum. I don’t worry about that anymore. Since he started Oxford Learning, he is a totally different kid! I don’t know what you do but it works really well! To make him sit down to do homework would take hours because he would get distracted by his toys. Last Thursday, he said “I want to finish all my homework by myself!” He started reading very fluently. A couple of days ago he asked me “Mommy, what does ‘loyalty’ mean?” We didn’t know kids could read such big words at the age of 4! My 2 and a half year old daughter wants to come to Oxford Learning too. We are just waiting for her to turn 3 in July. It’s all because of Oxford Learning’s Little Reader program! Thank you, Jamie and Sandy." Arlene G.
"My son who is in Grade 1, started Oxford Learning in Sept 2013. We were looking for a tutor for him to keep learning better and we want him to be in enrichment classes. We heard Sandy on a radio interview saying Oxford Learning teaches kids how to learn and makes them independent learners. We called, had him assessed, and enrolled. Within the last 5 months, we have seen huge improvements in his reading fluency and his interest to read and finish his homework. He is very confident about math now and the biggest improvement is in his behaviour. He is willing to give his best towards his work. Thank you so much Oxford Learning!" Rachhpal
"Within three months of attending Oxford Learning, I have noticed a huge improvement. My daughter has improved in all her subjects at school. However, not only academic wise; she has improved in her behaviour, the way she relates to other children, elders, and the community at large as well. She is more disciplined, and organized than ever before. She works harder than before, both at school and at home. Having homework or not, she gets motivated to study on her own. A good foundation has been laid at Oxford Learning. Send your children to Oxford Learning! They will get it right no matter how hard it is for them now." Marjorie
"My son started Oxford Learning about 6 months ago. He did not know how to read, but in these past months he has started reading short books fluently. He has also started to write short sentences. He loves coming to Oxford Learning and always wants to learn more. Thank you!" Baljit
"Dear Sandy and Jamie, Thank you so much for working so closely with our family to find ways to deal with Jonaas’s hyperactive behaviour. It was nightmare for a parent like me to hear that my child has a disability from every activity he goes to. Jonaas had always seen himself as a problem but with the encouraging and caring environment of Oxford Learning he has seen that he can be a better kid. Your small rewards like Little Reader certificates make a huge difference in his self-esteem! You guys are not only helping Jonaas to be a better kid but you are always willing to go above and beyond to help me when I am struggling to deal with Jonaas’s behaviour. I was so happy to hear from Jamie last week that Jonaas said “I am sorry Ms. Jamie that I was angry.” He has gone from throwing temper tantrums for every little thing that does not go his way to learning how to manage his frustrations and be apologetic when he makes a mistake. This is a huge improvement! I am so thankful to have such a supportive team to help me create a plan for Jonaas’s success in Kindergarten! I appreciate all of the extra meetings we have and the kind suggestions you give. I will never forget all of your hard work." Ana G.
"My son Amrit started Oxford Learning (West Newton) in Oct 2013 because teachers at school said he had difficulties paying attention and reading. He had no confidence so could not make eye contact with teachers during study time at school. At home, if I tried to teach him, he would start crying. He would get so frustrated. Now, since he started Oxford Learning, he has made huge improvements. He can read and always wants to read more and more. Now at night, he studies for an hour from 7-8 pm everyday. He has just finished reading a 65 page book and was very proud of himself. At school, teachers have noticed improvements in his confidence and attention span. Before Oxford Learning, teachers showed me his work and told me it was so messy. But now his printing is very neat and teachers have commented on it. He is very proud of himself now, thanks to Oxford Learning. Sandy, you are doing a great job! keep it up!" Sarabjeet
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Our Programs

Little Readers Ages 3-6

Our Little Reader Program is an ideal way to introduce kids to the wonderful world of learning. Children enjoy a balance of play, exploration, and discovery in a structured environment. Our individualized phonics-based program, utilizes a combination of songs, books and games to teach sounds and decoding skills.
  • Small class size
  • Enriched curriculum
  • Individual programs
  • A warm, caring environment
  • Children progress at their own pace
Sessions: Monday to Friday Morning: 9:30AM to 12:00PM Afternoon: 12:30PM to 3:00PM Evening: 5:00PM to 7:30PM

Beyond Tutoring Grades 1-8

Reading | Writing | Spelling | Math | French | Study Skills

Our Beyond Tutoring Program helped thousands of students improve marks and build confidence. Whether a child is in Grade 1 or Grade 7, we focus on learning skills, confidence building and academic fundamentals. Without these necessary skills, all school subjects and social skills can be affected. At Oxford Learning we help children learn to think, focus and become motivated in a positive learning environment.
  • Phonics, Decoding and Vocabulary Development
  • Writing and Editing
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Computational Math and Problem Solving
  • Fractions, Geometry, Algebra
  • Homework Support
Sessions: Monday to Friday Time: 3:00PM to 8:00PM

Advantage High School Success Grades 9-12

Take advantage of our program to help students tackle problem areas this school year and prepare for next year and beyond. High school means crunch time and we work to bridge any existing academic gaps while teaching effective organization and study strategies. Because the development of good high school study skills is not something that students are formally taught at school, we include it as an important element of our curriculum. These in-class strategies reduce stress and help students focus on success in high school and post-secondary school!

En Français Programs All Ages

We teach French to students of all ages and abilities. Whether French First Language, Immersion, or taking introductory classes, we can help! Learn French skills as well as other learning skills that will not only help with French, but all subjects!


Our college and university readiness programs don’t just help students cram for entrance exams; they help students prepare for ongoing post-secondary success!