Oxford Day School

Many parents today are dissatisfied with education in its current form, i.e.,

  • large class sizes,
  • one-size-fits-all education,
  • inconsistent quality,
  • lower standards,
  • student disciplinary issues, and the like.

In addition, most education systems today, whether public or private, do not recognize the differences in student learning styles and behavioral needs like Oxford does. Oxford Day School is a revolutionary educational structure that:

  • blends academic, cognitive, motivational and subject content into an advanced learning system;
  • partners with parents whose child is available for instruction during the day;
  • serves as an outstanding alternative to public or private school education; and,
  • enhances home school or home school cooperatives education.

Parents enrich the education process with subject support and fulfilling outside activities, e.g., sports, music, theater, etc.

Program highlights:

  • Daily sessions throughout the school year;
  • Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment;
  • Individualized programs and custom schedules (two to four days per week);
  • Days – Monday – Thursday between 9:30am and 12:30pm;
  • Oxford trained and certified coaches;
  • Student/teacher ratio of 3:1;
  • Regular collaboration among coaches and lead staff with parents;
  • Written progress reviews (Lesson Plan Review – LPR);
  • Standardized testing;
  • Flexible tuition plans to make this affordable to any family.

Call today for complete details and to schedule a Dynamic Diagnostic Assessment and Dynamic Education Plan preparation for your child.