After months spent learning indoors, the arrival of spring can distract students and lead to spring fever. The new season affects both bodies and brains. For students who have been struggling during the pandemic, spring can be a mood booster. Thanks to the increased amounts of daily sunlight, students might feel an urge to get […]

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young student sitting in her chair

Updated April 2021. Originally posted July 2016. The pandemic has affected students greatly, causing major gaps in learning. Students rely on school for their education, for extracurricular activities, social interactions, and even for their mental well-being.  Recover Learning Losses this Summer It may take years for students to recover from the pandemic. Summer vacation is […]

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Originally published May 2009. After dealing with Covid-19 challenges this past year, should teens take a gap year to recover losses? The pandemic has been a challenge for students of all ages. The transition to online learning had been difficult for students academically. However, for many students, missing out on important school milestones and rites […]

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College Student Studies

What can the SAT and the ACT college entrance exams teach Canadian teens about college prep?  It takes hours to prepare for the SAT/ACT! American students prepare to write these gruelling exams as early as middle school! American teens often take prep courses and practise exams years in advance to ensure they get the highest […]

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