math anxiety children

Does your child get good math grades? If your child struggles in math, they are not alone. Math is arguably the most challenging school subject for students—it can even trigger anxiety! This is because math skills are sequential–they build on one another. Your child needs to understand addition and subtraction before they can move on […]

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Making to-do lists

Almost everyone struggles with finishing tasks. However, some of us have trouble with the work that comes before a task: recognizing what we need to accomplish.  The solution? A to-do list! It’s a tried-and-true technique that is wonderful in its simplicity: first, determine what needs to be done, then determine the sequence the tasks need […]

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Homework issues

Homework is a part of being a student. Homework helps students practice skills, cement concepts learned in school, and prepare for future classes.  Does your child struggle to complete homework? Some common reasons students struggle with homework are poor comprehension, learning gaps, disorganization, low confidence, and poor motivation, which can make homework frustrating, tedious, and […]

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Extracurricular Activities and College Applications

When it comes to applying to college and university, making a solid first impression is essential. Teens should be prepared for stiff competition, so ensuring their application stands out is key. Extracurricular activities included in the application process provide Admissions Departments with a better understanding of teens’ personalities, interests, and objectives. What extracurricular pursuits are […]

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mental health back to school

Mental health can play a significant role in students’ learning. School can be a major source of student stress, and the pandemic added to this stress and caused a spike in student mental health struggles. Although It’s not just COVID, there has been an increase in anxiety and mental health issues isn’t a result of […]

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Productive School Year

When it comes to completing school work, being productive shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Having a productive school year helps students reduce stress, accomplish their tasks, and increase their overall satisfaction in their work and with their efforts. But what does productivity mean for students? It doesn’t mean doing schoolwork all the time. For students, productivity simply […]

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OLC-Back To School

Shopping for new school supplies gets kids ready for school, but that’s just the start!  There are many other ways to prepare kids for the upcoming school year that help them start a new grade ready to learn from the first day of classes! Your child is probably anticipating starting school and possibly a little […]

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how tutoring helps

Tutoring programs aren’t only for students with bad grades. A personalized program can give students the individualized attention they can’t get in a crowded classroom.  It helps children who struggle to keep up and challenges students who excel. Tutoring can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build essential learning skills. Plus, some governments may […]

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