A group of children actively learning.

Curiosity is the foundation of active learning. Thankfully, children come by both naturally with their imagination and inquisitive minds. They ask questions, seek understanding of the subject matter, and relate it to what they already know.  But often, once children start school, that curiosity that supports active learning starts to fade due to increased passive […]

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Child reading a book on a couch

The Information Age has brought remarkable advances in our technologies, from smartphones to electric cars. However, it also comes with a cost. Research shows that the increased use of technology negatively impacts reading habits and comprehension skills. We’re more likely to read information off a computer or mobile device, and we want the most important […]

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Children listen intently as their teacher reads to them

Strong reading skills have an enormous impact on academic performance. Reading and literacy skills are the fundamental learning blocks for students. Without them, improving other school subjects can be difficult, and students can experience lifelong difficulties.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, learning difficulties have increased. Strong reading skills can help bridge learning gaps. But, what […]

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