It’s time to celebrate the end of the school year! Every student deserves to celebrate the end of the school year, even if it’s not a graduation year. Whether it’s Grade 3 or Grade 10, you don’t have to wait for a graduation year to celebrate the achievements from this past year!  Completing a school […]

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Can kids enjoy the benefits of summer learning as much as they love a break from school?  These 10 benefits of summer learning show that summer learning should be an important part of every student’s summer vacation plans. Kids love summer break. Not having homework to complete at night and not having to get up […]

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girl studying while multitasking

With final exams right around the corner, now is the perfect time for students to think about how effective their studying habits are. Let’s be honest—studying sessions tend to look like this:  Begin to study, Take a break to scroll through social media, Look for headphones, Get water, Go back to studying. However, most students […]

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