summer reading to child

Summer reading is important. Yes, it’s summer! But there are some easy ways to implement summer reading. In the summer, there is the dreaded phenomenon known as the ‘summer slide’ where many students tend to lose much of what they learned during the school year in the summer months. While it’s tempting to let your […]

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Quizzes students learning

The research is in! Quizzes improve academic performance.  Don’t believe us? Read on! Did you know that if you quiz students once a week, they perform better on midterms and final exams? That’s right, quizzed students tend to outperform students who aren’t quizzed. Weekly quizzes, on top of instant teacher feedback, have a positive impact […]

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essential skills students need

Students need essential skills in order to succeed. Children with a strong foundation of life skills are motivated, resilient, confident and successful. Children need more than just a safe and loving home. They need to master essential skills in order to move through life.  Children need mental toughness, resilience, social competence, self-awareness, and moral integrity. […]

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Unlocking students potential

Is it possible to unlock students’ potential? Within every child is the potential to achieve great things in both school and life. Helping students tap into their potential can be a challenging task—even for the most experienced teachers. What if there were methods that could be used to help students unlock their full potential? 5 Steps […]

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