Class participation

Class participation is a scary word for many. All students have had classes where they hoped the teacher wouldn’t call on them. Being scared of saying the wrong thing or giving an incorrect answer in front of friends and peers can be very scary for many. Most students prefer to remain silent to escape the […]

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Every student needs study tips for better studying. Study skills are the techniques that every student relies on when studying for a test. But not every student knows how to make the most of their study time. Study skills—the techniques students use in class, when doing homework, or preparing for a test—help make learning and […]

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sleeping in class

Many teachers face a common challenge—students sleeping in class.  A lack of sleep is all too common among students, which can lead to falling asleep in school. What if instead of waking students up, teachers took a different approach and allowed students to sleep in class?  It may sound counterintuitive, but research shows that allowing […]

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March break learning

March Break—while many students may be looking forward to a week of rest and relaxation, it’s also an excellent opportunity to continue learning that’s fun and engaging.  Whether you’re a student or a parent looking for ways to keep your child entertained during the break, here are some tips to help you make the most […]

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ChatGPT in the classroom

You’ve heard of AI technology, but have you heard about Chat GPT ? students? Do you really know what it is and how it may affect your child’s education?  Rumour has been circulating that students are using ChatGPT to cheat their way through school, leaving school boards across the globe on high alert. Is ChatGPT […]

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