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Academic Action Plan

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Feeling a bit sluggish heading back to class after the holidays? It can take a few days to get back into the routine (even if you did your best to stay on track with schedules and learning over the break!) but now is a crucial time to buckle down and tackle trouble areas.

For high school students, the end of the semester may be looming, which means exams are coming up and there’s less than a month to boost those grades.

For elementary students, it’s almost the halfway mark of the school year and with New Years resolutions for better habits in mind, it’s time to kick things into high gear.

Take a moment to assess your work since September, and set some goals. Use our Academic Action Plan to help visualize and keep track of what you’re working on and to see your success! Hang it on the fridge and get your family members to help you too!

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Click on the picture above to download and print a PDF copy of our Academic Action Plan

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