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Avoid Last Minute Project Deadlines

Q: My daughter’s project deadlines always seem to approach too fast, and we scramble to finish. What tips do you have to help us avoid the last minute scrambles?

A: Forgetting projects and assignments or putting them off until the last minute is usually a sign that your daughter is dealing with organizational and/or motivational issues. With a little help and some stronger study skills, your daughter will get organized and get those projects done with time to spare.

Here are six easy steps to avoid those last-minute scrambles:

  1. Start by making sure that when your daughter is assigned a project she lets you know about it right away. If you can’t rely on your daughter to let you know, contact the teacher yourself and get a list of all upcoming projects and test dates for the year.
  2. Now that you know when the next project is due, grab a calendar and start blocking off time to get the work done.
  3. Break the project down into small, manageable pieces. Do a little at a time.
  4. Pick a date to begin research, a day to have an outline finished, and a day to write.
  5. Stick to the timeline you’ve created together, offer support, and stay involved. Offer prompts but don’t micromanage. Ask, “How is everything going?”
  6. Begin early! The earlier that your daughter begins the project, the less likely that she’ll run out of time.

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