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Back to School Tip #2

For a Better Start to the School Year

While it may still be summer, school will be back in session before you know it! Help your child beat the summer brain drain and start the new school year off right with a few small tweaks to your family’s summer routine and help from Oxford Learning.

Have a Successful Back-To-School Season!

Back to School Tip #2:

2. Eat regular meals, regularly. Mealtimes are among the primary markers that divide up the day, both at home and at school. During the school year, eating a healthy breakfast in the morning requires a reliable routine. Why let that routine slip just because school is out? Kids still need the energy that breakfast supplies to be mentally alert, even during playtime. Growing bodies can become dependent on a set meal schedule during the school year and it’s important to maintain set meal times to keep brains functioning optimally. Regular meal times mean that when students head back to school in the fall, they are focused on the teacher, not on their growling bellies.

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