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Breaking the Stress Cycle at Exam Time – Part Two

Breaking the Stress Cycle at Exam Time – Part One

Whether students are in elementary or high school, preparing for standardized tests or writing final exams, they need successful study skills and habits to help them focus and stay on track. Oxford Learning recommends the following effective study skills to help students get through the last few months of the school year with confidence and success:

Study Effectively for Tests

  • Make a plan. Set goals for each session. Divide your material into units and assign one unit per day. Give yourself a three-day break before the test and make sure that you’ve learned all the units by then.
  • Study in short bursts. 15 minutes at a time is excellent. After 15 minutes, take a five-minute breather. Do some exercise. Stick your head out the door. Get refocused.
  • Use the Oxford Learning proprietary SQRCRC method to study for tests:
    • Survey the headings, introductions and summaries in order to get the main idea.
    • Question yourself. ”What do I hope to learn by reading this note?”
    • Read carefully for detail.
    • Cover the work.
    • Recite what you have just read, trying for main ideas and details.
    • Check to see how well you have done.

Be Prepared

  • Every day counts. Do a little review and studying each day. Schedule time for your homework and study. Have a plan and work toward your plan.
  • No homework? Work on assignments; review and correct mistakes from class or tests; plan your study schedule for next week; work on the “tough” stuff.

Support Tips for Parents

  • Help your child prepare an accurate study schedule and review it together every morning.
  • Create a ‘study stadium’ a very special work environment that supports and encourages best efforts and successes and makes it easier for your child to get into the “study mode”
  • Get involved. Your interest shows that school is important.

Stay Sharp Throughout the Summer

  • Once students complete their school year with success, carry the momentum through summer. Summer is an opportunity for children to develop new skills, make new friends and experience new challenges. If parents blend both recreation and academics, students will be prepared physically, emotionally and academically for a successful return to school in the fall.
  • For maximum benefit, Oxford Learning recommends supplementing summer activities with a core program of education — 60 to 90 minute sessions three times a week. Whether it’s to brush up on areas that might need improvement or to get ahead so school is less stressful and more manageable, Oxford Learning summer programs are designed to meet each child’s needs and to provide opportunities to keep their minds active. To find out more, please click here.

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