Your son’s report card is sitting on the table and you are not happy. Math is lower than it should be, his teacher noted that he did not hand in all his assignments, and he got a “Needs Improvement” for effort. What do we do? If you are like most of us, you will sit […]

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It’s back to school time again! Certainly, we have enjoyed the company of our children for the summer. We have enjoyed our progeny for 9 1/2 weeks or 63 days or 1,512 hours or 90,720 minutes or ’if you are really a masochist’ 5,443,200 seconds! As happy as we may be to have them back […]

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A girl studying outside during the summer with books

Every year the cycle gets repeated After a summer spent chasing butterflies, swimming, working or just plain lazing about, hundreds of thousands of students file back into their schools after Labour Day — ready for a new school year. Or are they? “We have to allow at least a month for everyone to get settled […]

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