Boy preparing for his SAT and ACT

College admission tests are not something a student wants to leave up to chance. The results of these tests can play a major role in determining a student’s future, so it’s important to be prepared. SAT/ACT prep courses are available online or in class, and can cost plenty both in time and money. With so […]

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Technology continues to rapidly change what is possible in the classroom. With new learning tools and educational software on the rise, educators are increasingly blending in-class and online learning strategies – a model known as Blended Learning. The main focus of blended learning is to give students more freedom in how they learn and engage in their […]

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Student sitting in class thinking about math work

Studying for (and succeeding in) math is different than other subjects. Math is cumulative, meaning it builds upon earlier concepts and already mastered skills. This fact alone is not necessarily a problem, but the pace at which teachers must move through the curriculum certainly can be. Not every student learns at the same pace: some […]

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