Girl in front of a chalk board with match equations on it

The process of developing literacy skills is fairly well known. First we learn sounds, then letters, then how the letters and sounds make words…and along the way we learn what it all means and how to make sense of our written language. Literacy skills are very important in school (and in life): the stronger that […]

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child hating math saying "math is stupid"

“Math is stupid. I hate it. I’m never going to need this stuff.” For students who struggle with learning math, this is not an uncommon phrase.  In the moment, it can seem that surviving without math skill in daily life is actually a possibility. However, it’s not true. Math is integrated into every aspect of daily […]

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I am relaxing, watching something about space on The Learning Channel, when my 10-year-old son strikes. “How do you do fractions?” he asks. I hate that question because it means I am about to fly right into the teeth of his beloved classroom teacher who does it a different way. I am about to become […]

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