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Do  SATⓇ Prep Programs and ACT Prep Programs Work?

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SATⓇ Prep Programs and ACT Prep Programs are important to a teen’s future. College admission tests are not something a student wants to leave up to chance. The results of these tests can play a major role in determining a student’s future, so it’s important to be prepared.

With so many different prep courses out there, how do you know which ones actually work?

Why Take SATⓇ Prep Programs or ACT Prep Course?

Effective  SATⓇ prep programs & ACT prep courses can help students in many different ways and can increase test scores significantly. Here are some common benefits of  SAT & ACT prep courses:

  • Supervised studying allows students to focus on weaker areas
  • Students learn how to study efficiently
  • Teaches test-taking skills and strategies
  • Increases confidence about the exam
  • Score improvements of 30 to 100 points

Do All  SATⓇ & ACT Prep Courses Work?

The answer is no, according to a report released from the National Association for College Admission Counseling. The report criticizes common  SAT and ACT test preparation courses as costly and ineffective. The report reviewed all  SAT and ACT test preparation services and found that they had a minimal impact in improving  SAT scores.

So, What Makes SATⓇ Prep Programs and ACT Prep Programs Worth It?

The most effective  SAT  and ACT prep courses don’t just focus on the short term goal of getting into college, they focus on preparing students for success throughout college. After all, getting into the best school is only the first step. Research shows that up to 35% of students who qualify for university or college with high entrance exam scores drop out in their first year.

This means, that if these students relied on traditional test-prep programs to get them into school, they were cheated. The program may have helped them cram for the SAT and ACT exam, but it did nothing to prepare them to deal with the hardships of college or university.

There is no easy solution for college or university preparation. A quick fix that promises to raise entrance exam marks is only a temporary solution. Entrance exam preparation takes time and commitment, but it’s just a taste of what will be required in college.

So How Does Oxford Learning’s SATⓇ Prep Programs and ACT Prep Programs Measure Up?

Oxford Learning’s SAT Prep Programs and ACT programs take what is typically considered test-prep one step further. Students who take these programs have a considerable advantage.

So what takes Oxford Learning’s SAT and ACT programs the extra mile? Well, it is the only test-prep program on the market that isn’t focused on short-term gains for students. It’s also the only SAT and ACT prep course that looks beyond the entrance exams to prepare students. Students will be ready for what comes next—post-secondary life.

Setting Your Student Up For Success

Oxford Learning’s GPA 5.0 SAT and ACT Plus™ Programs encourage students to be accountable for their own future. Students will take initiative and be responsible for their learning.

We offer a program with integrity that looks well beyond the entrance tests. Our programs will prepare students for the future, which is always a good investment.

Oxford Learning SAT and ACT prep programs include:

  • In-class hours
  • Custom workbooks
  • Take-home assignments
  • Practice exams

Learn more about how you can prepare for the SAT and ACT tests with these SAT and ACT Study Tips.

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