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Is Your Family Over-Scheduled?

Nuclear family walking busily through a park

How to schedule your family out of the stress.

Busy schedules can be fun—keeping the pace hectic can be enjoyable for some; it can even be a sort of status symbol. But for most families, being overscheduled is simply hectic and downright stressful.

Whether it is running from one errand to the next, sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time to say hello to one another let alone spend quality family time together or to get to the things that we need to do like calling the plumber, or homework.

But what can we do if our schedule is too busy?

Well, we can use a master schedule to help us identify our fixed and variable activities. And we can then use that schedule to ask ourselves some questions about how we are using our time and why.


  • Are we trying to do too much?
  • What are my family’s priorities?

Sometimes taking a hard look at our schedules can reveal some interesting things about our day-to-lives and the choices that we make. It can also help busy families regain a sense of control over their hectic schedules.

Tip of the Week

Cut out some of the clutter that takes up your family’s time. Create a household rule for TV viewing and for computer use/sending emails—both notorious time consumers and major distractions for children who have homework!

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