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Quality Grade 2 English Tutoring & Help

With supportive 2nd Grade English tutors teaching subjects including writing, spelling, and reading, students develop new skills that allow them to increase their focus and better follow directions.

By Grade 2, students may be familiar with reading and writing but many have not yet mastered the basics. The Grade 2 English tutors at Oxford Learning® are here to help. Our Grade 2 English tutoring is customized to meet your child’s exact English needs. With a little patience and hard work, your child will be the top of the class in no time!

Oxford Learning®’s English tutors for Grade 2 helps students of all English skills feel confident about school.

Grade 2 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Developing listening skills
  • Interpreting and explaining aspects of a story or text
  • Using different vocal ranges to communicate a point
  • Understanding point of view in a given text
  • Looking at style and patterns while trying to understand a text
  • Analyzing different components of a text such as setting and word choice
  • Providing a written response to questions about a given text
  • Organizing ideas and thoughts into a sentence or paragraph
  • Developing a story using the five W’s
Media Literacy
  • Explaining a photograph or video using written or spoken words
  • Illustrating stories with images