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Quality Grade 4 English Tutoring & Help

With Oxford Learning®’s Grade 4 English tutoring, your child will be able to maintain focus while trying to read and write, allowing him or her to work more efficiently and independently.

By the time Grade 4 English rolls around, your child is halfway through elementary school, so it’s important that he or she is on track. For students who are struggling, a Grade 4 English tutor for reading, spelling, and writing can make all the difference! With Oxford Learning®, Grade 4 English tutoring can give your child the boost needed to increase English confidence and get better Grade 4 English grades.

Our customized programs move at your child’s pace, developing thinking and learning skills that your child can rely on this year, next year, and every year.

Grade 4 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Answering questions in class
  • Understanding formal and informal ways of speaking
  • Practicing active and respectful listening
  • Proof-reading a story or text
  • Reading and understanding a wide variety of texts
  • Creating a rough draft
  • Peer-editing a piece of written work
  • Summarizing a text
Media Literacy
  • Creating a meaningful message using photos, symbols, etc.
  • Understanding the role of the audience
  • Forming own opinions about different media texts