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Great Math Grades Start With Strong Skills

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Does your child get good math grades? If your child struggles in math, they are not alone. Math is arguably the most challenging school subject for students—it can even trigger anxiety!

This is because math skills are sequential–they build on one another. Your child needs to understand addition and subtraction before they can move on and learn multiplication and division. 

If your child is away and misses out on grasping a concept, it can lead to skill gaps. Skills gaps mean your child always has to play catch up, which causes stress and anxiety. However, math doesn’t have to cause math anxiety!

Building a Strong Math Foundation

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Building a sound foundation of math fundamentals is critical. Creating a stronger foundation of math basics helps students reduce their math struggles and better grasp key concepts to help them comprehend more complex problems.

When students fully grasp the basic fundamental concepts, it makes learning more complex math much more straightforward.

Here are five simple ideas to help your child build a solid math foundation and fill in skill gaps.

  1. Practice the basics often. A little math review helps build a solid math foundation.
  2. Try different workbooks. Different workbooks can often have other instructions or strategies that can make a concept click.
  3. Download a math app and set a reminder to use it daily.
  4. Make math hands-on with manipulatives. Math is an abstract concept; having something to represent the ideas that they can touch with their hands can be helpful.
  5. Try online problems. Visit fun math sites to practice skills, such as

Beating Math Anxiety for Better Math Grades

It’s math time yet again, and now your palms become clammy, your heart starts to race, your stomach tightens, you feel self-conscious and afraid of failing, all while a list of unanswerable questions is staring you in the face. This is math anxiety.

Don’t worry, math anxiety is natural and is more common than you think.

If your child is experiencing math anxiety or stress, we are here to help. There are some tips to keep in mind when it’s math homework time:

  • Try a few problems at a time and take frequent breaks
  • Integrate math into daily life with math-based games or apps
  • Be sure to always ask for help when it’s needed

Math Tutoring Essentials

Pacing is the key to math mastery! At Oxford Learning, the program moves at your child’s pace. Math won’t bore or give your child math anxiety.

At Oxford Learning, we never move on to a new concept until your child is confident in their skills. Whether your child finds math too challenging or whether your child is not being challenged enough, Oxford Learning’s personalized math programs put an end to math anxiety.

All ages and grade levels can benefit from our math tutoring programs. We tailor all our programs to fit their individual learning needs. At Oxford Learning, we know everyone learns differently and at their own rate. Our math tutors provide comprehensive instruction that will engage your child in a way that actually makes math fun.

Overcome Math Anxiety at Oxford Learning 

Oxford Learning math programs focus on the areas your child needs help with building solid skills and reducing math frustration.

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