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Want to make your homework simpler? Check out our 4 tips to take your homework habits from headache-inducing to hassle-free. Homework might be an unavoidable part of school, but it doesn’t have to be the worst part.

Use your agenda.

The brain is capable of great feats, but it’s not perfect. So don’t rely on it to remember every little detail of what you learned in school. When a teacher assigns homework, write it down! Most schools provide agendas to students for free (or for a small charge). That’s because they are the best organizational tools available. The trick is to not just write everything down in class, but also to remember to take it out of the school bag at night, open it up, and remind yourself of what’s on tonight’s to-do list.

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Remove distractions.

Computer on, TV on, texts messages incoming…it’s not multi-tasking, it’s distracting. So shut off all the electronics and focus on the task at hand for a set period of time. You’ll find that it’s easier to concentrate and that tasks take less time.   Studies have also found that learning isn’t as deep and that retention suffers when kids multi-task.

Think actively.

The majority of the time, simply getting tonight’s homework done is the name of the game. And rightly so, but what happens if you’re struggling with a question, or can’t figure out an answer? Before giving up to frustration, take a small break then come back and take a look at your textbook. Flip to the beginning of the chapter and read what the chapter is all about. Do the same with the next chapter. Move ahead a few questions and see if the next section can help explain a little better. If not, use the Internet.  Don’t just stare at the question in front of you; ask yourself how this question relates to what you’ve been learning overall.  And keep in mind the point of homework: to reinforce concepts learned in class.

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Get organized.

Homework is as much a part of the daily routine as waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, but it’s often the most disorganized part.  So streamline the process: keep all the homework-related accessories you need in a bin or a bucket so you don’t waste time searching for pens or for a calculator, pick the same spot to do your homework in every night, and (when possible) do your homework at the same time every night to get your body’s clock into the a natural homework rhythm.

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