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Investing in Your Grandchildren’s Education with Tutoring

Grandparent helping grandchild with schoolwork

Have you considered tutoring for your grandchildren? The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is a special one. Grandparents offer insight into the family’s history, life experiences, and pass down beautiful traditions through the generations. Most grandparents envision supporting their grandchildren’s future in some way. One of the first things that come to mind is investing in their education—the most common method is to start an RESP or some other financial contribution toward the future.

What if Post-Secondary isn’t right for your Grandchildren?

Many students are currently struggling in school as a result of various factors, such as the pandemic, increased workloads, and mental health concerns. Therefore, additional hands-on support is crucial! Students are trying to adjust to their current academic landscape, so thinking about post-secondary education might be too far in the future at this time. Unfortunately, this could mean there might be a delay in seeing any education investments come to fruition.

Invest in Tutoring for your Grandchildren!

Investing in academic support right now builds skills that students can use in their current studies and continue to develop for years to come. By ensuring the student has good grades and study skills at an early age, you increase the likelihood of receiving scholarships, grants, and bursaries as financial aid for their post-secondary education. 

The best way to help your grandchild is to provide them with a supplemental tutoring program to help them stay on track! We have a few recommendations for you: 

  1. Students are struggling with the transition into university, with first-year dropout rates on the rise. Our University Prep program helps build the skills needed to overcome any hurdles. Learn more here
  2. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are experiencing some learning gaps and losses. Addressing these gaps as soon as possible is key to avoid further delays. Our enrichment programs will bridge the gaps. Read about it here.
  3. In the case of the pandemic and increased device use, literacy skills are also decreasing in Canada. Oxford Learning’s Literacy programs will be highly beneficial for students of all ages. Learn more here.
  4. Because of all the uncertainty, it’s hard to look ahead. Therefore, many students are struggling with setting and achieving their academic goals. All of our programs have a goal-setting component to build the habit. Read more about our goal-setting strategies here

Grandparents’ Involvement Right Now

Expensive investments aren’t the only way to be involved in your grandchildren’s learning. Here are some other ways to be involved in your grandchildren’s education. Right now, students need all the extra support they can get. If you’re interested in enrolling your grandchild in one of our programs, contact a local centre today!

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