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Is Your Teen Ready For Higher Education?

They’ve written tests and exams.

They’ve handed in countless projects and assignments.

They studied hours upon hours.

They’ve written and passed entrance exams.

They’ve applied to schools and have been accepted.

But, just how ready is your teen for College or University?

Well, according to the US-based Alliance for Excellent Education, about one-third of college freshmen need to take a catch up course in reading, math or English. Other sources say that number of teens who are unprepared is as high as 75%.

The US is not alone; Some 55% of Ontario professors think that first-year university students are not as prepared as they should be, and are  lacking in critical thinking skills.

And many students themselves share similar sentiments, worrying about handling the increased workload and academic demands of university.

So, what can be done to ensure that teens are ready for higher education and  will be able to avoid the first year drop out crises?

If necessary, take a victory lap to review key subjects.  Or, consider taking a year off to renew school motivation.  Better yet, contact Oxford Learning to take a course that develops top-notch study skills, teaches test-taking techniques, perfects time management abilities, and improves critical thinking abilities.

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