It’s no surprise that research shows that education and activity go hand in hand: the more exercise the body gets, the easier thinking and learning become, both inside and outside the classroom.

An increase in activity levels benefits more than the body; it benefits the brain and in turn, grades.

30 minutes of walking on a treadmill improved students’ problem-solving skills by 10%

Fitter students scored almost 30% higher on standardized tests.

Exercising before first class improves math scores by
up to 20%

Like good nutrition and proper sleep, physical activity is an important part of a healthy academic routine.

All students should have access to physical activity—that’s why Oxford Learning has teamed up with KidSport™, an organization that provides funding for families to cover registration costs for a season of sport.

As part of our commitment to KidSport™, we are pleased to offer unique fundraising activities in all our centres across Canada.

You can donate here, or drop in to any of our centres to participate in our fundraising activities.