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What Parents & Students Are Saying

We are absolutely thrilled with the Early Readers program. My daughter started in the summer when she was 3 and has continued with the program this year. When I asked my daughter what she wanted to do in the summer, she answered, "learn to read!" We found it challenging to find a program that taught academic material at her age -- until we found Oxford Learning! Everyone here is so kind, and they encourage her to succeed at her own pace. She is never pushed too hard, and she is never held back; it's a totally personalized program. She absolutely loves going to "reading school," and we are confident with the program and staff. Madeline H.

Little Readers

Our family was fortunate to find Shannon as she was opening up Oxford Learning in Beaumont. Our eldest boy has been attending since the center opened up and we have seen huge success with his confidence and his learning. This has helped him in school and outside activities. If we would not have found this program to put our son in, we don't know where he would be in his schooling success. His language arts has improved immensely, his math has improved and his overall attitude towards learning has opened up so much that he wants to learn more about other topics not being discussed or reviewed in school. Thank you so much Oxford Learning for all your support for our eldest boy and our youngest! For being there for our family and supporting all aspects of their learning! You are awesome and we greatly appreciate you and are very happy that you are opened in Beaumont - makes it easier to support our children's extra learning within our community. No question about it - this is the place to go if you want to give your child / children the extra support that they need to succeed! Colette P.

Confidence and school success

Absolutely thrilled. My daughter's reading level has gone up in 7 months, and her comprehension has gone up 2 reading levels. That was since the start of the summer of 2016. When the fall came, all she wanted was to attend Oxford Learning on a regular basis. It is not a struggle to get her to go there. She loves everything that they offer, she wanted to go to school there and forget the regular system. Thank you so much for all of the education she receives. Michelle Y.

Improved reading skills

Nothing but great things to say about Oxford Learning. Awesome programs and really knowledgeable teachers. Christie M.

Awesome programs

Looking forward to seeing results with my teenagers grades and a boost in his confidence as well as he learns how to Learn. B Rein.

Confidence and learning how to learn

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