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Our daughter Samantha was enrolled in Oxford Learning tutoring 2 years ago when she was having difficulty in math. Her confidence was at the lowest we’d ever seen. She was too shy to ask for help and after a midterm report, we finally enrolled her in the Oxford Learning program. She worked very hard with OxfordLearning tutors and they helped her understand her work better than her math teacher at school could do. They were able to pair her with a tutor that matched her personality well. The difference in her grades was seen on the next term reports and her confidence was improving soon after starting the program. As it was a GCSE year, she tackled her tutoring times and math classes with confidence that we hadn’t seen in quite a while. Her reports were telling us what we already knew. There was improvement going on. The team at Oxford Learning were and are very interested in how the kids perform in the classroom and even want to work with the school teachers if needed. Samantha had very good results for her GCSE exams and was very proud of her accomplishments. It was a turn around that as parents we were very proud of her and pleased for her. The next school year, she didn’t wait for bad results before SHE asked for help again. We realize our daughter is not going to be an A student, but, we want her to be the best student she can be. If it means a solid B student, as parents we are happy with that as she is confident and capable to do the best she can and more importantly, she can identify when she needs help and knows where to ask for help. It was a valuable life lesson for all of us and we feel more comfortable with her going off to University very soon. We had a very good experience with Oxford Learning program that our youngest asked at the beginning of this school year for help with two subjects. We did not hesitate to enroll her at Oxford Learning. Warmest thanks to Oxford Learning Team. Carla Stempel
Carla Stempel
Hi Doyle, Good to see you the other day and welcome back; we are heading out today to visit some schools, so I will sort this either today before I leave or upon my return this weekend. Just a quick update that we just received her scores. Overall her scores improved from 79% to 82%; apparently, the rumoured magic number is 80% for most of these elite schools. While her overall Math and Verbal score dipped slightly year on year, her reading score soared from 74% last year to 86% this year! I know on the reading, she felt that going into the exam the strategies given to her by Oxford Learning was helpful, but I didn’t expect it to be that much of a jump, so thank you very much! Please pass on my appreciation on to the team. Some schools allow you to ‘superset’ your scores (i.e. take the highest score from each component from different sittings) so she may sit again in Dec or Jan if upon speaking to the schools this week if they feel she needs to boost her Math and Verbal. If she does, I trust we will come back to you to arrange some assistance specific around those subject areas. Hopefully, her 82% is enough though. Thanks for all your help. Regards, Sal
Hello, I would like to say a big Thank You for all of the work the team at Oxford Learning has done to help our son not just stay on the honour roll, but also to improve. Many thanks again, D. & E. Furbert
Donnavon Furbert
We had parent/teacher conferences yesterday and I wanted to pass on the comments from Siobhan’s math teacher, Mr. S. He is very pleased with how she has progressed since the beginning of the year and asked that we keep “doing what we’re doing.” I just wanted to thank you so much for your help in building Siobhan’s confidence with regards to her math. Please pass my thanks on to her tutors as well. Kind Regards Eugene
Just wanted to share Zoe’s latest spelling word test score…which she got all correct! Would like to first thank Oxford Learning for all you have done for her as she has come a long way. We had a parent-teacher meeting on Wednesday and her teacher is very happy with Zoe’s progress... ....Again thank you, thank you for what Oxford Learning has done so far for Zoe. Sincerely, N.
Emilia has progressed consistently this year, and her reading, in particular, has seen a marked improvement. I'm grateful to Oxford Learning for your part in this. She enjoys going to her sessions twice a week, despite their being straight after school, so that has also been a huge positive. I have also been impressed with the conversations I've had with Alika regarding Emilia and her development (the level of honesty and openness has been refreshing and a marked contrast to the boilerplate school reports) and it's been a pleasure chatting with Doyle on various random subjects while waiting. You have a great team. Many thanks once again, Veronica
We have truly appreciated the services you have provided as they have assisted him greatly with his academic progress. I would personally like to thank you and all of your staff members who assisted Marc Anthony with achieving his goal towards passing his GCSE exams. At this time, Marc Anthony feels confident that he can continue to progress academically through self-motivation and hard work. Thanking you once again. Kind regards, Kim
I cannot express our gratitude enough for all of the work you have done with Tiye over the past 20 months or so. Her writing/ vocabulary/ grammar have dramatically improved during this period which has provided a tremendous confidence boost to her. Also, thank you for being flexible and working with us through all of the schedule changes, teacher changes, etc. We deeply appreciate your efforts. Regards, Sherron W.
Sherron W.
Dear Oxford Learning Bermuda, My gratitude and joy is overwhelming! Thank you for being there every step of the way, meeting and exceeding my daughter's needs and my expectations! The level of support and intervention is just phenomenal and life changing for our family. My daughter has been a student at Oxford Learning since January 2012 after being identified in its most simple terms as having a "language delay." The level of help offered by other service providers was limited and minimal but Oxford Learning delivered in every aspect! It is absolutely amazing what my daughter has accomplished since then. It is now October 2012, ten months (yes, just 10 months!) later and the consistent diligent work of your staff after school, during the summer, and on weekends too, has positively impacted my child's self-esteem regarding her academics, organizational skills and overall ability to achieve. She started the program at a P2 reading level and on an Individual Learning Plan. I was advised that she was not ready for middle school and was not provided much encouragement or options within the system. I am pleased to say that she not only has successfully integrated, but I am advised that she is at the same level of understanding as her peers and operating above the level that was expected. It is early in the term but she is currently producing grades and test scores that are truly exceptional. Thank you again for making such a big difference in my child's academic experience! Yours sincerely, S.C.
Sasha C.
Good Morning Mr. Butterfield, I want to take time to highlight one of your clients: Andrew. He participated in his school sports yesterday and he left many of his peers and teachers impressed with his winning attitude. I believe that Andrew definitely used the strategy that is re-enforced at Oxford Learning of thinking and staying positive. While most might not think running in a few races is a big deal, we have to consider this: Andrew entered most races knowing he was not going to win them, come second nor third... he entered to gain points for his sports house team. He even ran in the places of others who did not have the courage to do so. In addition to that, he didn't participate halfheartedly, he actually ran his best races each and every time; even when he was in last place with an entire stadium of spectators looking on he didn't give up. Talk about staying positive! I know we usually celebrate academic achievements and students winning in other non-academic events on a regular basis at Oxford Learning, but I would love it when he returns to Oxford Learning for his next visit, he be celebrated for applying a simple strategy as 'staying positive' during a really difficult task. He was a "trooper" yesterday and showed that the methodology of Oxford Learning has helped give him the self-esteem needed to live up to his own standards. Mrs. D. Y.
Mrs. D. Y.
Good day, Mr. Butterfield, I would like to commend Mrs York and the Oxford Learning team for the outstanding job you are doing with my son Chaz. He was awarded the most improved student in his class this week. He also, for the first time, passed a math test with an 80% score. Last week he passed his math test with a 76% score. His teacher stated that his writing is getting better. You have to understand that this is really big for him and us, his parents. He is transforming overnight and his self-esteem is building day by day. I know that it is because of Oxford Learning and the team that you have. Once again, THANK YOU! Kind Regards, Oneka. T.
Oneka T.
My children's confidence for reading was at an all-time low. Then Oxford Learning came to the rescue. The staff was like my 'knights in shining armor'. I have two children with reading challenges, getting them to read was a battle. It was a process with the first step being the 'pep talk' for boosting confidence and to encourage. My heart went out to them as I knew they wanted to be able to read better but the journey was a difficult one. I found out about The Oxford Learning Centre from a family member and a colleague whose son attended and had positive results. I decided to find out more about the program. Today, it is one of the best decisions I have made for my children. My children now pick up more books with confidence. Through the nurturing, encouragement, dedicated staff and the personalized program developed to meet the individual needs of each of my children (based on the Oxford Learning Assessment) I have seen them bloom. Hearing them read and use strategies taught, and understand concepts they didn't do so well with before brings such joy to my heart. When my children first started attending they were hesitant, but Francine and Doyle were great in making my children feel welcome and comfortable. They were paired with teachers who were a good match for their personality and needs. Last week my daughter said, 'Momma, I wish I could go every day so that I can get better and better with my reading".....what could I say to that? Thank you, Oxford Learning because now everywhere we go my kids are reading signs, asking their teachers for extra reading books and are much more confident. Just to pass on the fabulous news: Cameron has gone up essentially three years in his reading in the time he has been with you. AWESOME! Thanks so much for everything that you and Francine and everyone are doing. I am almost in tears as finally after three years of struggling to get him to grade level. E. D.
E. D.
Dear Doyle, I want to express my sincere gratitude and utmost respect for you, your staff, and Oxford Learning for all you have done for my son, Nicholas. When he started the program in February, Nicholas was nearly failing school, had absolutely no self-esteem and called himself stupid on a regular basis, and would put up a fight when it was time to do homework (if he, in fact, brought it home). In the almost 5 months that he has been working with Oxford Learning, his grades have improved to what I knew he could do (A's and B's), never calls himself stupid anymore, volunteers in class to answer questions, and isn't hiding homework. In fact, he has done his homework without telling me until after he was finished on a few occasions. His frustration level with making mistakes is nearly nil at this point. He has even asked a few times to leave early to make sure he is on time for his "class." None of this would have been possible without your program. As a Speech Pathologist, I know well the importance of celebrating the little successes and supporting a child's self-image. Nicholas never responded to that from me. Without Oxford Learning, he would have floundered and failed. I am sure of that. He wants to become a train engineer when he grows up, but that would not be possible if he couldn't even get through school. You have made this not only possible but highly likely. I am beside myself having to take him out of Oxford Learning here and move to the US, to an area where the closest Oxford Learning Centre is hours away. There is so much more he needs to learn. I know without any question that you and your staff would be able to get him where he needs to be for success in school and life. I recommend Oxford Learning to everyone I see and would encourage anyone considering it to make any sacrifice necessary in order to enrol their child if s/he needs it. Your program is beyond value. Sincerely, Melissa M.
Melissa M.
Hi Doyle, I just wanted to say thanks for all the help that I received from the Oxford Learning Centre, and a special thank you to Mr. Bean. I did well on my IB math exam. I will apply what I have learned for the rest of my learning. Thanks, Kiuno
We appreciate you all very much. The work you are doing with my children and the progress they have made thus far is phenomenal! Have a great day! Kind regards, S. Brunson
S. Brunson
Lexiana will be attending Phillips Academy/Andover in the fall. She was accepted to a number of highly selective boarding schools including Lawrenceville, Loomis Chaffe, and Middlesex. Phillips is traditionally a feeder school for Harvard and has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the US at ~12%. So, we are quite excited for her. It became pretty clear to us in the process that good SSAT scores were necessary, but definitely not the main criteria. Grades, character, personality, and contribution potential to the learning community were very much significant drivers for the selective schools. There’s no shortage of smart kids with high test scores trying to get in, so they have the luxury of really building the student body with very well rounded high achievers. That said, I think Lexi boosting her SSAT scores after going to Oxford Learning was beneficial in boosting her confidence during the interview/application process. Thanks for all that you continue to do. Keep up the good work. Regards Sal


  • Centre Director

    Position Details

    Centre Director

    Centre Director

    Want to add rockstar to your job title? What about ninja? How about guru? Look no further!

    Work with kids. Teach. Liaise with schools. Strategize. Organize. 

    Helping kids realize their dreams and overcome school challenges is passionate work, and Oxford Learning Bermuda is looking for a dynamic and motivated Centre Director with strong people skill to assisst in the day-to-day management of our busy centre. 

    Oxford Learning programs impart new approaches to learning, designed to last a lifetime. We teach children from pre-school to post-secondary levels how to learn, concentrate, listen, and remember, and most importantly, to believe in themselves as they reach their academic dreams.

    Our Centre Director is an academic superhero, helping kids of all ages get better grades, and is an integral part of a team that helps students achieve academic success. Centre Directors are trained on our system, methodologies, and approacah

    As s team leader you would participate in all aspects of the centre’s operations including: office administration, staff management and leadership, dealing with inquiries, setting up and administering assessments, programming and overseeing student programs, liaising with members of the community, maintaining contact with current parents and meeting with them to discuss their child’s progress, as well as reaching out to past families, and ensuring that the Oxford Learning philosophy is being maintained throughout the centre.

    Candidates must possess a strong passion for seeing students succeed and must be comfortable teaching students ranging in age. Must have experience in sales, marketing, business development as well as possess superb commuication and interpersonal skills. Must be willing to work evenings and Saturday morning and to be trained in our systems, methodologies, and approach.

    Our candidate must have:

    • General Qualifications:
      • Help inquiring parents to discover Oxford Learning
      • Help inform inquiring parents about our Oxford Learning programs
      • Build relationships with parents and the community
      • Maintain a service schedule and effectively execute pre-assigned tasks throughout the workday
      • Create a fun and energetic learning environment on a daily basis/li>
      • Effectively master the Oxford Learning Teaching philosophy as well as coaching other teaching members of the team
      • Promote and participate in all aspects of the Oxford Learning business
    • Specific Qualifications:
      • Strong phone skills and experience in customer service (experience in sales is preferred)
      • Experience supervising others
      • Experience working in an educational environment dealing with large student bodies is an asset
      • Experience working in a business environment is an asset
      • Experience with billing cycles required
      • Strong computer skills (MS Office)
      • Minimum university degree (Credits in Social Sciences, Languages, Math and Business preferred)
      • Strong secondary school mathematics skills are an asset
      • Additional language(s) spoken is an asset
      • Bachelor's degree or simliar in a relevant field
      • Teaching certification is an asset

    If you possess all of the above qualities, meet all the qualifications, and want to join a high energy group of educators whose goal is to see students succeed, then please send your cover letter and resume to bermuda@oxfordlearning.com. We thank all applicants for your interest in Oxford Learning. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.

  • Part-time High School Math Teacher

    Position Details

    Part-time High School Math Teacher

    Part-time High School Math Teacher / Coach

    We have an immediate opening for a dynamic High School Math Teacher / Coach who wants to work in a rewarding teaching environment. Candidates must possess a strong background in Math and must be comfortable teaching students in grades 9-12.

    A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:
    • Bachelor of Science Degree or Fourth-year University Students currently working toward their Bachelor of Science with previous tutoring experience
    • B.Ed. or working towards a B.Ed. is an asset
    • Strong English language written and oral communication skills
    • Must have extensive knowledge of the current grade 9-12 math curriculum including but not limited to advanced functions, calculus, data management, and physics. (knowledge in chemistry and biology an asset)
    Teaching Requirements:
    • Must be flexible in availability
    • Dynamic, energetic and outgoing personality
    • Highly organized, and able to think on your feet
    • Applicants must be available at least two evenings per week.
    • A commitment to the of summer 2019 is also required to provide consistency to our students

    If you have a passion for learning, love helping students achieve their potential and are available after school hours, at least 2 or 3 evenings a week, then we want to hear from you!

    Please send your cover letter and resume to: bermuda@oxfordlearning.com. We thank all applicants for your interest in Oxford Learning. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.


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