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We are anticipating to be open for both in-person and virtual classes this summer!! We are excited to offer morning classes again starting July 5th, 2021. Please contact bramptonsouth@oxfordlearning.com or (905) 457-5094 for our summer scheduling and summer packages.


Thus far, throughout my first semester, Oxford Learning has allowed me to remain confident with all of my work, more specifically mathematics. The extra lessons has helped me progress in my math class. Without the help and confidence boost I would most likely be failing. My goal for second term is to take the habits and tricks I have learned here with regards to studying and test taking, and to use them to further my successes at school. At this point, I don't think I will ever use functions again but I am so glad that I was able to get the support I needed. Thank you for the support and guidance. Paula V. Gr. 12
Paula V. Gr. 12
All I really needed to learn was factoring, but I also got help with the tiny problems in my other courses such as trig and analytical geometry. I used the factoring that I learned here to understand quadratics. My goal for second term is to NOT sit next to a really talkative person! David K. Gr. 10
David K. Gr. 10
I really like Oxford Learning because I am better in math and I am understanding what my teacher is saying in class. My paragraph writing is also improving. Gulneer S. Gr. 7
Gulneer S. Gr. 7
At Oxford Learning I am working on blends and math. My goal is to get 100% on my test and to work on my spelling. Matthew K. Gr.3
Matthew K. Gr.3
Currently at The Oxford Learning Centre I am working on school assignments. I have also been studying for upcoming tests and exams. My program here also includes an introduction to math for my second semester at school. Over the winter holiday I have been reviewing for my French exam and using the Oxford Learning books and method. I am feeling prepared. Jagvir G. Gr. 9
Jagvir G. Gr. 9
At Oxford Learning, Marija and Tiffany have been helping me figure out study habits that I could use that would help me and work well. Meagan S. Gr.9
Meagan S. Gr.9
I think I have improved a lot in writing paragraphs. I say that because I am getting a lot of "A's" at school. My next goal is to further develop my editing skills. Azim J. Gr. 8
Azim J. Gr. 8
I am learning English here and day-by-day I am improving in both speaking and writing. In Canada every subject is based on English and with my improvements all of my subjects are getting better. Giving more attention to English allows me to learn more which will help me do better in every subject. Abhishek S. Gr. 10
Abhishek S. Gr. 10
Being here at Oxford Learning has really made me more confident in my school work. I was so shocked with my improvements from first term. I think about how much Yolanda tells me about SQRCRC and how to apply it to my school work. My confidence with my work is such a wonderful thing to have when doing my work and when reading it over and over. My mother has always told me I have the attitude and the strength to be an ‘A’ student, it may not happen right away but with the help at Oxford Learning I will achieve! Thanks for the never ending support. Domenica S. Gr. 7
Domenica S. Gr. 7
I came to Oxford Learning to get more help with school work. I am here to improve in all of my subjects. My goals for this term is to focus and spend less time watching T.V and more time on books. To do this I will set up a schedule for every day. Prabhdeep R. Gr. 7
Prabhdeep R. Gr. 7
Oxford Learning has helped me so much that I feel confident in what I’m learning at school. When the teacher asks a question, I raise my hand because I know the answer. Because of Oxford Learning's SQRCRC method, I have not received a mark below a B+. Thanks a lot! Noopur Gr.8
Noopur Gr.8
I have really enjoyed Oxford Learning this month. It helped me a lot to study for my exams and prepare for the Literacy test. Working through the Oxford Learning program has helped improve my writing skills (a lot) as well as further develop my study habits. Gurinder Gr. 10
Gurinder Gr. 10
I think I am doing pretty good so far. My vocabulary is really good. My goals are to work on spacing and writing words correctly. I like Oxford Learning because it is better than school. Alexander H. Gr. 5
Alexander H. Gr. 5
Oxford Learning is helping me with many different kinds of things. Some of the things are spelling, math, history and many more. I also have more confidence and I try my best on my work at school I get higher grades on my tests and projects. Oxford Learning is helping me a lot. Gursimerjit K. Gr.7
Gursimerjit K. Gr.7
Shamila S.
Anjali G. Gr. 1
I am very happy you put me in Oxford Learning. I am having a lot of fun. I have learned a lot of new things this year. It has been a great time. Samnpreet B. Gr. 4
Samnpreet B. Gr. 4
Oxford Learning has been wonderful! It has saved me so much frustration! Rohit is an amazing teacher, he is always patient and always makes sure that I understand the material. I really hope that I will come back next year. Jeannette M. Gr. 11
Jeannette M. Gr. 11


  • French & English Teacher

    Position Details

    French & English Teacher

    Oxford Learning Brampton South is looking for a committed, reliable and enthusiastic teacher who enjoys working with students. We focus on cognitive personal development and look for individuals who will honour Oxford teaching methods and philosophy in a fun environment.

    We are anticipating to be open for in-person July, and training would commence June.

    A great candidate for this position will possess the following skills:

    - A University degree, preferably in teachers college or OCT

    - And at least took French up to grade 12 or higher (i.e. minor, major, teachable, first-language)

    - Experience in either teaching and/or tutoring

    - Comfortable teaching grades SK - 12 English, and up to gr 9 French

    - Clear writing organization, vocabulary, grammar

    Strong English language skills (both written and oral)

    - Available 2-3 shifts a week

    - Comfortable with teaching essay writing and paragraph structure

    - A dynamic and energetic personality

    - A passion for teaching and working with children

    - Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task

    - Bonus assets, but not mandatory: math skills up to grade 10, and/or science skills

    A dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives on seeing students succeed will enjoy this role.

    Interested candidates must be available at least two evenings per week (from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm) through the school year and 3:00 to 6:30 pm over July and August. A commitment until the end of the following school year (June 2022) is preferred. This position needs to be filled immediately. Training would commence June and position would commence July.

    We thank all applicants. However, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Jaskowski

    Education Coordinator

    Brampton South Oxford Learning

    7700 Hurontario Street, Suite 304

    Brampton, ON L6Y 4M3

    Tel: 905-457-5094

    Job Type: Part-time

    Expected start date: 2021-06-01

    Job Types: Part-time, Contract

    Salary: $15.00-$18.00 per hour

    COVID-19 considerations:
    Health and safety measures in-person including:
    masks, temperatures checked, screening questionnaires, social distancing, disinfecting measures, and limited capacity

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    Created: 11-May

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Brampton South Family

Cyrissa Chong

English Teacher

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