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Affordable Tutoring in Brampton South

Oxford Learning®’s Brampton South tutors help students of all skills levels achieve their potential, whether they are struggling in class or are looking for an extra challenge. Our Brampton South tutoring programs help your child learn at his or her own pace, with dedicated educators, engaging lessons, and real-world applications.

With tutoring programs designed to meet the specific needs of every student, our tutors help your child focus on improving the areas he or she needs most. From helping improve grades in core subjects including Math, English, Science, and French to building stronger learning skills likes time management, note taking, and organization, our tutors in Brampton South give students the tools they need to succeed in every subject.

Serving Brampton South & Beyond

Oxford Learning® welcomes students from Brampton South and surrounding areas, including Churchville, Peel Village, Meadowvale Village, Springbrook.

Math tutors in Brampton South

Many students struggle with math at some point. Our math tutoring programs help your child stay on track with customized programs that make math engaging, relatable, and even fun!

Science tutors in Brampton South

Our tutors help students master basic and advanced science concepts so they can understand how the world works, while becoming better critical thinkers and problem solvers.

English tutors in Brampton South

Success starts with strong communication skills. Our English programs help students develop important listening, reading, and writing skills that will help them succeed beyond the classroom.

French tutors in Brampton South

Our French tutors help students at every level build stronger French skills, including vocabulary, spelling, and grammar so their grades and confidence can soar.

To learn more about Brampton South tutors, contact Oxford Learning® today!

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What Parents & Students Are Saying

Thus far, throughout my first semester, Oxford Learning has allowed me to remain confident with all of my work, more specifically mathematics. The extra lessons has helped me progress in my math class. Without the help and confidence boost I would most likely be failing. My goal for second term is to take the habits and tricks I have learned here with regards to studying and test taking, and to use them to further my successes at school. At this point, I don't think I will ever use functions again but I am so glad that I was able to get the support I needed. Thank you for the support and guidance. Paula V. Gr. 12

Paula V. Gr. 12

All I really needed to learn was factoring, but I also got help with the tiny problems in my other courses such as trig and analytical geometry. I used the factoring that I learned here to understand quadratics. My goal for second term is to NOT sit next to a really talkative person! David K. Gr. 10

David K. Gr. 10

I really like Oxford Learning because I am better in math and I am understanding what my teacher is saying in class. My paragraph writing is also improving. Gulneer S. Gr. 7

Gulneer S. Gr. 7

At Oxford Learning I am working on blends and math. My goal is to get 100% on my test and to work on my spelling. Matthew K. Gr.3

Matthew K. Gr.3

Currently at The Oxford Learning Centre I am working on school assignments. I have also been studying for upcoming tests and exams. My program here also includes an introduction to math for my second semester at school. Over the winter holiday I have been reviewing for my French exam and using the Oxford Learning books and method. I am feeling prepared. Jagvir G. Gr. 9

Jagvir G. Gr. 9

At Oxford Learning, Marija and Tiffany have been helping me figure out study habits that I could use that would help me and work well. Meagan S. Gr.9

Meagan S. Gr.9

I think I have improved a lot in writing paragraphs. I say that because I am getting a lot of "A's" at school. My next goal is to further develop my editing skills. Azim J. Gr. 8

Azim J. Gr. 8

I am learning English here and day-by-day I am improving in both speaking and writing. In Canada every subject is based on English and with my improvements all of my subjects are getting better. Giving more attention to English allows me to learn more which will help me do better in every subject. Abhishek S. Gr. 10

Abhishek S. Gr. 10

Being here at Oxford Learning has really made me more confident in my school work. I was so shocked with my improvements from first term. I think about how much Yolanda tells me about SQRCRC and how to apply it to my school work. My confidence with my work is such a wonderful thing to have when doing my work and when reading it over and over. My mother has always told me I have the attitude and the strength to be an ‘A’ student, it may not happen right away but with the help at Oxford Learning I will achieve! Thanks for the never ending support. Domenica S. Gr. 7

Domenica S. Gr. 7

I came to Oxford Learning to get more help with school work. I am here to improve in all of my subjects. My goals for this term is to focus and spend less time watching T.V and more time on books. To do this I will set up a schedule for every day. Prabhdeep R. Gr. 7

Prabhdeep R. Gr. 7

Oxford Learning has helped me so much that I feel confident in what I’m learning at school. When the teacher asks a question, I raise my hand because I know the answer. Because of Oxford Learning's SQRCRC method, I have not received a mark below a B+. Thanks a lot! Noopur Gr.8

Noopur Gr.8

I have really enjoyed Oxford Learning this month. It helped me a lot to study for my exams and prepare for the Literacy test. Working through the Oxford Learning program has helped improve my writing skills (a lot) as well as further develop my study habits. Gurinder Gr. 10

Gurinder Gr. 10

I think I am doing pretty good so far. My vocabulary is really good. My goals are to work on spacing and writing words correctly. I like Oxford Learning because it is better than school. Alexander H. Gr. 5

Alexander H. Gr. 5

Oxford Learning is helping me with many different kinds of things. Some of the things are spelling, math, history and many more. I also have more confidence and I try my best on my work at school I get higher grades on my tests and projects. Oxford Learning is helping me a lot. Gursimerjit K. Gr.7

Gursimerjit K. Gr.7

Shamila S.

Anjali G. Gr. 1

I am very happy you put me in Oxford Learning. I am having a lot of fun. I have learned a lot of new things this year. It has been a great time. Samnpreet B. Gr. 4

Samnpreet B. Gr. 4

Oxford Learning has been wonderful! It has saved me so much frustration! Rohit is an amazing teacher, he is always patient and always makes sure that I understand the material. I really hope that I will come back next year. Jeannette M. Gr. 11

Jeannette M. Gr. 11

Careers with Tutor Brampton South

  • Full-time Education Coordinator

    Position Details

    Full-Time Education Coordinator

    Want to add rockstar to your job title? What about ninja? How about guru? Look no further!

    Work with kids. Teach. Liaise with schools. Strategize! Organize!

    We know why you want to work in education, and we offer the opportunity to reach every single family who comes through our door. Oxford Learning Brampton South is looking for a dynamic and motivated Education Coordinator with strong people skills to assist in the day-to-day management of our busy centre. 

    Oxford Learning programs impart new approaches to learning, designed to last a lifetime. We teach children from pre-school to post-secondary levels how to learn, concentrate, listen, and remember. But most importantly to believe in themselves.

    Our Education Coordinator is an academic superhero helping kids of all ages get better grades. He or she is an integral part of a team that helps students achieve academic success. Education Coordinators are trained in our system, methodologies, and approach.

    As our team lead, you would participate in all aspects in the centre's operations including: office administration, managing all student programming and assessments, meeting with parents and school teachers, staff management and leadership, and working closely with students from kindergarten to high school.

    Candidates must possess a strong passion for seeing students succeed and must be comfortable teaching students ranging in age. Must have experience in sales, marketing, and business development as well as possess superb communication and interpersonal skills. Must be willing to work evenings and Saturday mornings and will be trained in our systems, methodologies, and approach.

    Our candidate must have:

    • General Qualifications:
      • Help inquiring parents to discover Oxford Learning/li>
      • Help inform inquiring parents about our Oxford Learning programs/li>
      • Build relationships with parents and the community/li>
      • Maintain a service schedule and effectively execute pre assigned tasks throughout workday/li>
      • Create a fun and energetic learning environment on a daily basis
      • Effectively master the Oxford Learning Teaching philosophy as well as coaching other teaching members of the team
      • Promote and participate all aspects of the Oxford Learning business
    • Specific Qualifications:
      • Experience working in an educational environment dealing with large student bodies
      • Experience working in a business environment is an asset
      • Experience with billing cycles required
      • Strong computer skills (MS Office)
      • Strong phone skills and experience in customer service (experience in sales is preferred)
      • Minimum university degree (Credits in Social Sciences, Languages, Math, and Business preferred)
      • Strong secondary school mathematics skills are an asset
      • Additional language(s) spoken is an asset
      • Bachelor's degree or similar certification in a relevant field
      • 1-2 years administrative experience in a supervisory role
      • Teaching certification an asset

    If you possess all of the above qualities, meet all the qualifications, and want to join a high energy group of educators whose goal is to see students succeed, then please send your cover letter and resume to: We thank all applicants for your interest in Oxford Learning. However, only those selected for the interview process will be contacted.

Our Team Members

Cyrissa Chong

English Teacher

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Dear Students and Parents,

Happy May! We’re that much closer to summer! Did you know that students lose two months' worth of learning over the summer? With that being said, Oxford Learning recognizes and understands the importance of maintaining student’s programs over the summer, as it facilitates retention and results in a head start for the new school year!

 We are in the midst of scheduling our students for SUMMER! We are offering more flexible hours such as morning and afternoon classes! Please do not hesitate to contact us about our Summer Packages, including our 20 and 30 hours over July and August - discounted!

We are also planning a ton of fun centre activities during summer, like POPSICLE DAYS and T-SHIRT PAINTING! We will keep you informed when to look out for these activities soon!

Learning does not stop just because school is out! Moreover, learning can be fun!

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Andrew Fernandez

Centre Director

Jessica Jaskowski

Education Coordinator


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