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My son Colin will soon begin his journey into the world of postsecondary education, and thanks to his teachers at Oxford Learning, he is more organized and finally has confidence in his own judgment. He is more than prepared to tackle the SATs and is looking forward to heading off to college in the fall. You have passed the baton to him to begin his journey to the next stage of his life. R. Brandon

R. Brandon

I just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful staff at your Edmonton West location. Mrs. Shalini, Miss. Stephanie and Ms. Carrie have done an amazing job in helping my son Arvin Kumar maximize his full potential in the Little Reader’s Program. This achievement in him that I did not even think was possible but due to the staff’s patience, hard work and persistence has become a reality. Arvin started when he was 3 ½ yrs old (he was born in March thus will start school at 5 ½) in Sept 2013. He was assessed by the centre and the result was that he knew absolutely nothing. The other matter that was of main concern was basic social and behavioural skills that he did not have. I was at my wits end with hearing this but I was assured by Shalini that we would work together to give Arvin the guidance he needed. She gave me hope as she recognized that he was a very bright child with potential who just needed a helping hand and focus. Shalini went out of her way to come in early, on holidays to be in the classroom with him. She also made positive suggestions and was encouraging so I could use similar techniques at home with Arvin. As a result my son has bloomed into a wonderful child, he loves coming to “school” and has such a passion for learning. He is academically doing grade 1 material easily and has learned such important social skills that will be with him lifelong. As a parent when I saw the sparkle in his eyes when he read his first book was a dream come true. The commitment that Shalini and her staff have put in this centre is beyond words. They really care about the children that come here and adjust according to the child’s needs. I thank Shalini and her staff for not giving up on Arvin and allowing my son to reach for the stars that was not even thinkable or possible 1 ½ yrs ago. The Little Readers Program has been such a positive experience for Arvin that I know he will continue this confidence when he goes to elementary school. The staff here has given Arvin a strong foundation in learning that will be with him forever which I will always be grateful for. - Poonam K

Poonam K

Beyond the progress made academically, we have seen unbelievable improvements in Bria’s self-confidence and self esteem. I think that the biggest gain that Bria has made this year is how she handles the unexpected. Oxford Learning has provided a safe environment for Bria to further develop her coping skills for when things don’t go according to plan. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence on my daughter! L. Shannon

L. Shannon

This is the first time that my son has ever actually looked forward to June finals. He’s now using all the strategies that you’ve taught him. He’s organized, manages his time, and he studies more. We used to have an ordeal every time a test came along. Now he just seems to handle everything so much better. Thank you so much! C. Strong

C. Strong

Where should I begin! I started my granddaughter in the Little Readers about a year ago (she was just turning 5), and to my delight, she loved every day, often asking if she could go days she was not scheduled. I am totally płeased with the environment, bright, cheery, and friendly... have I said enough? The evaluations have been right on with what mom and grandma think are the strong areas and those Oxford Learning will help work on. Way to go Oxford Learning team for jobs extremely important to us, and you do it well. I can't imagine anyone, not exceeding and loving every day.

Dianne F.

Thanks to Oxford Learning, my daughter is ready for Kindergarten! She knows all her letter sounds and is ready to learn how to read. I'm looking forward to when she reads me her first book! The staff was wonderful! They are patient and work with each child's different needs. My daughter loves coming to “school” and has such a passion for learning. She has not only learned academic skills but social skills as well. She knows how to make friends. The commitment that the staff has put into this centre is beyond words. They really care about the children that come here and adjust according to the child’s needs. The R.E.A.D Elite program has been such a positive experience for my daughter. THANK YOU!


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