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New Year, New School Goals!

Setting goals for the year ahead helps students start the New Year on the right foot.

Make setting school goals in 2023 simple with the CAM system:

  • State Goals Clearly. Be as specific as possible.
  • Make Goals Achievable and realistic.
  • Make Goals Measurable to track progress.
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French Teacher/Tutor

Oakville, Ontario

Opens on: 2023-01-24


Oxford Learning has done nothing but help me with school and has helped me to improve with math and English. I was quite behind academically one year ago but over the last year, I was able to catch up lots of things. Most importantly. I gained confidence in myself. I think I joined the right program and met great teachers. Thank you, Oxford Learning.
Elgin O.
My daughter's French knowledge has grown in leaps and bounds. She really likes the tutor, who clearly enjoys working with her too. Thank you Oxford Learning! We enjoy your classes.
A. Sutherland
I knew I needed help with my high school math and science subjects, but I was hesitating because I didn't want to accept that I need help. With a recommendation from one of our family members, I started Oxford Learning Program with low confidence. The atmosphere at the centre is positive energy, can-do spirit, and I felt really taken care of. Since I started, I realized the importance of my own education thanks to John and Sokol at the center. I strongly recommend Oxford Learning Oakville North East because I can trust the value.
Mustafa A.

Oakville North East Family

John Choi

Center Director/Teacher: math and chemistry

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Sokol Hajderi

Teacher: math and physics

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Alicja Jazwiec

Teacher: English

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Ally Matas

Teacher: English

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Seara Tapessar

Teacher: French

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Alex Dejczak

Teacher: English

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Top Quality Tutoring in Oakville North East

Oakville North East is home to Oxford Learning®, a top-of-the-line tutoring service with tutors who combine learning styles and effective teaching methods to help students develop learning skills that last. Whether a child is looking to catch up or get ahead, our tutors guide students to their full potential.

Our Oakville North East tutors provide expert tutoring to students, allowing your child to develop strong habits that will benefit him or her beyond the doors of the classroom. Oxford Learning® caters to a variety of subjects and educational needs, including Math, Science, English, French, study skills and more!

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The tutors at Oxford Learning® welcome students from Oakville North East and surrounding areas, including Trafalgar, Glenorchy, Holton Heights, Falgarwood.

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Math tutors in Oakville North East

Your child can conquer Math with the help of our Math tutors. Our Math tutoring programs are customized to suit the needs of your child so he or she can boost grades and comprehension.

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Science opens the door to a vast world of possibilities. Our Science tutors will help your child succeed across the core areas with engaging Science tutoring programs.

English tutors in Oakville North East

English is more than reading and writing. Our English tutors bring out your child’s best with English tutoring programs that strengthen critical thinking and communication skills.

French tutors in Oakville North East

Français provides a new lens through which to view the world. Our French tutors teach students to improve their language skills with customized French tutoring programs.

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