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Mini-Study Program Part 1

Our objectives are to learn how to —

  1. Set study goals
  2. Arrange a study environment
  3. Plan study breaks
  4. Avoid interruptions
  5. Learn how to study.

Study Analysis

  • Where do you study?
  • What distractions are there (visual – noise)?
  • How do you avoid or minimize these distractions?
  • Where do you keep your study supplies?
  • When do you study?
  • How often do you take breaks?
  • Do you make a study plan before you begin?
  • Do you ever study at school or the library? Describe the conditions.

Can you think of five ways to improve your study habits?

In point form, describe the perfect study environment. Does your study environment meet these standards? If no, how can you change it?


Here are five essential ways to improve your study time. Use the space after each tip to create a personal plan for yourself. Use point form to describe how you will make changes while you study.

  1. Plan Your Study Time
  2. Take Breaks
  3. Arrange Your Study Environment
  4. Learn How To Avoid Distractions
  5. Use Time Management and Planning Skills

Planning your study time will be covered next time.

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