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SAT & ACT Video: Stats, Facts, and Tips

The SAT entrance exam was recently redesigned. Even though the changes may seem daunting, the preparation process remains the same. With experts recommending at least 60 hours of study time needed to properly prepare (and that’s on top of regular school work) it’s no wonder that teens call the SAT and the ACT the most stressful test of their lives. That stress is felt even more by Canadian students who don’t benefit from the same preparation culture as US students, who begin SAT and ACT prep as early as junior year (and sometimes before).

Canadians students need a solid study program that ensures they are properly prepared to write–and ace–the US college entrance exams, helping them get the high marks they need to get into the school of their choice.

Watch our short SAT video for more SAT (and college success) information:



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