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Are the SAT/ACT exams in your teen’s future?

Getting into post secondary school can be a stressful time in many teens’ lives. Choosing which schools to apply to, selecting programs and preparing for a new journey after high school can all add stress. On top of all that, the SAT/ACT exams are required if they are interested in schools in the United States, but with strong study skills your teen can succeed.

Are the SAT/ACT exams in your teen’s future? Let us know by using the poll below.

Is your teen planning on writing the SAT or the ACT?

Do you feel that there are enough resources and support available to Canadian students writing the SAT/ ACT?

How many study hours do you think are required to properly prepare for the SAT/ ACT?

Does your teen have reliable study skills?

Is your teen hoping for an athletic scholarship from a US college?

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