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Quality Grade 11 English Tutoring & Help

Oxford Learning®'s Grade 11 English tutors offer help to students of all skill sets with their English skills and comprehension.

With two years left of high school, the pressure is on for students who need to boost their English grades. Our Grade 11 English program can help students manage that pressure. Not only will your teen finish the year off strong with Grade 11 English help from Oxford Learning®, he or she will also gain reliable skills that will serve well throughout high school and well into post-secondary.

Regardless of the school’s curriculum, Oxford Learning®’s 11th Grade English tutoring program helps teens develop stronger thinking and learning skills, improving their comprehension in English and in all subjects. With stronger study, organization, and homework skills, better grades follow, not just for this grade or subject, but for all grades and subjects.

Grade 11 English Tutoring Subjects

Oral Communication
  • Presenting ideas and information
  • Discussing literature in group settings
Reading & Literature
  • Reading and understanding classic literature
  • Understanding plot development
  • Comparing and contrasting different forms and styles of literature
  • Planning and executing formal essays and reports
  • Writing creative fiction and poetry
Media Studies
  • Channeling ideas into film, art and/or journalism
  • Analyzing newspapers, magazines and advertisements