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Grade 9 Science Tutoring & Help

If your teen struggled in the earlier grades, Oxford Learning®’s Grade 9 science help assists students in strengthening their science comprehension.

By Grade 9, students should have a solid foundation in science. Grades 9 and 10 focus on five different strands of the science curriculum. As long as students built a strong foundation in science during Grades 7 and 8, the transition to Grade 9 science is less challenging. If your teen struggled in the earlier grades, Oxford Learning’s Grade 9 science tutoring program helps strengthen science comprehension.

Providing 9th Grade science help is just the beginning at Oxford Learning®. Our Grade 9 science tutor program ensures that students benefit from the Oxford Learning® difference: improving not only grades, but developing other lifelong thinking and learning skills that students can rely on for life. These skills include studying, learning to think actively, planning abilities, and confidence.

Grade 9 Science Tutoring Subjects

Scientific Investigation Skills and Career Exploration
  • Initiate, plan, perform and record, analyze and interpret, and communicate scientific investigation
  • Describe a variety of options in science-related careers
  • Identify scientists who’ve made contributions to this field
Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems
  • The sustainability of human impact on ecosystems
  • Evaluate ways to mitigate negative consequences
  • Impacts of using common elements and compounds
  • Understand physical and chemical properties of different elements and compounds
  • The periodic table
Earth and Space Science
  • The study of the universe
  • Analyzing whether it’s beneficial to contribute to space exploration
  • Major scientific theories about structure, formation, and evolution of the universe
  • Evidence that supports these theories
  • Static vs. current electricity
  • Potential difference, current, and resistance in electrical circuits