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Solve These Four Common School Issues to Start the Year Right

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It’s back-to-school time! Does your child have any of these four common school issues?

When it comes to heading back to school, every student has different needs. Some students are nervous about starting a new school year, while other students are eager.

No matter how your child feels about back-to-school time, it’s important to watch out for these common trouble spots that can affect all students.  

Identify and address these common issues early on in the school year before they become a problem and set the stage for students to enjoy school and excel in their courses.

These common problems include:

  • disorganization
  • homework stress
  • procrastination
  • lack of motivation

Keep reading to learn more about these four common issues and how you can help your child avoid them and have a better start to the school year.

Four Common School Issues to Avoid This School Year:

  1. Homework Stress
    From Grade One on, homework is a big part of children’s education. But when homework causes frustration and leads to feeling overwhelmed, it can have a negative impact on a child’s ability to focus and retain information. Ultimately, homework stress can even lead to poor in-class performance and lower grades. Because of this, learning how to manage homework stress is important. Check out these homework tips to reduce homework stress.
  2. Procrastination
    Procrastination is a symptom of disorganization. Many students put off beginning big projects because they don’t know how to start. How can students end the procrastination habit and become more productive? It’s easy to end procrastination when you know the reasons why procrastination happens in the first place. Learn more about handling procrastination here.
  3. Disorganization
    Disorganization is a common school issue that most students struggle with at one time or another. Whether it’s putting off a project until the last minute or waiting to study for a big test until the night before, procrastination can lead to stress, frustration, and poor grades. Many students put off beginning big projects because they don’t know how to start. Learn more about the importance of getting organized and how it can lead to better grades.
  4. Lack of Motivation
    While some students are natural self-motivators, many children struggle to find the motivation needed to do their best. Many factors can influence student motivation; whether it is distractions or tiredness, comprehension or procrastination, all students struggle with finding motivation at one time or another. When motivation is in short supply, it’s important that parents help their children build their own internal motivation in a positive way. Check out these six tips to boost student motivation.

Start This Year Off Right

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