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The Connection Between the Third Grade and Reading Skills

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There are many milestones students go through during the school years—their very first day of school, the first school dance, graduation, and more! However, one year that commonly goes under the radar as a milestone is the third grade.

Why is the Third Grade So Important?

It doesn’t seem like a cause for celebration, but the third grade marks a huge transition for students. This is the year when schoolwork switches from learning to read to reading to learn. When learning goes from decoding words using the alphabet and phonics to interpreting fact-filled texts, children can struggle with:

  • Improving fundamental literacy and comprehension skills
  • Poor grades
  • Short attention spans
  • Lack of confidence in the classroom

A study found that third-graders who lack strong reading skills are four times more likely to become high school dropouts. Source.

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Tips to Improve Reading Struggles

When ignored, weak literacy skills can escalate into serious learning struggles. Luckily, there are strategies available to improve reading skills at home. The ones below are great for readers of all ages and are easy to implement in your daily routine!

  1. Schedule regular family reading sessions at home. 
  2. Engagement is crucial. Find reading materials that your child truly enjoys. When students feel connected to what they learn, they are more engaged in the information. Teenagers especially need to feel the schoolwork they are doing is relevant to their lives and the world around them. 
  3. Encourage connections with stronger readers in the classroom. Children learn best from their peers. 
  4. Go back to basics by focusing on phonics, word recognition, and syllables. 
  5. Read this blog post on improving reading comprehension or this one on encouraging good reading habits. 

Another Effective Way to Improve Literacy is Tutoring!

Let us help your child become a more confident and motivated student! Our expert tutors are a great addition to your child’s learning team by supporting them with strengthening thinking and learning skills while simultaneously improving reading and writing skills. There’s still time to get ahead! Contact a local centre today!

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