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The Ego Boom

Everyone has changed, according to two Canadian authors of the book called The Ego Boom: Why the World Really Does Revolve Around You.

Steve Maich and Lianne George argue that today we think much differently than we used to. Once upon a time we would ask for help from others. That morphed into the individual wanting, wanting, wanting products. Today, that too, has changed to where we all think we’re experts. We are so “special” that we think we know more than others, and this has led to today’s economic meltdown. For example, many young people have bought homes with huge mortgages, not because they could afford to, but because they are “special” and want everyone to see that, say the authors. We all want to be seen by others. The result is social media such as Facebook.

I use Facebook and sometimes I see a “friend” say “YES, I just washed my hair.” Who cares? Today, the cell phone seems to be the best friend of young people because the phones can be customized with a special ring, a special color, a special type—all special because I’m special.

Employers today report that many potential employees won’t stay on the job, won’t agree change their outlook.

Universities report that students argue, ferociously, to have their grades increased. I know of one case where the students and parents showed up at the door of the professor, along with their lawyer which is also an expert Las Vegas TBI attorney. This philosophy also has led many people to have little if any trust in the institutions of the courts, schools, medicine and more.

A few years ago Time Magazine featured its Person of the Year. No, it wasn’t Bill Gates or the Pope or Gandhi. It was YOU. You and I are so special we can hardly stand it. And yet, how will that attitude work when our young people have to enter the workforce in an economy that is rapidly being transformed? Our children need to learn how to think, how to adjust as the changes come in their future.

Thanks to contributing author John Storm, Centre Director of Oxford Learning St. Catharines.

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