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Trends as important as grades to college applications

A common myth is that once students are in the second semester of their junior year of secondary school, it’s too late to improve their grades.

The truth is that most colleges and universities look for a trend in high school academic performance and place a lot of importance on improvement in grades during the second semester of a student’s junior year.

Even if your child started out poorly (freshman English was not supposed to be that tough) or faltered along the way (he/she was totally convinced the tenth grade biology teacher ’had it in’ for him/her), a trend of improvement can help erase poor freshman or sophomore year grades. Admissions officers are much more likely to give the benefit of the doubt and assume that students got their act together as secondary school progressed.

The weight placed on grades gradually increases, making first semester senior year the most important, then second semester junior year. Depending on when your teen applies to college or university, one of these sets of grades will be the last ones admissions officers see and the marks most likely to represent an accurate measure of your child’s ability and work ethic.

The good news is, if you act now, there’s still time to do what’s necessary to improve a grade point average: stay in some weekends to study, go to teachers for help, do an extra credit assignment, or invest in a tutoring program such as the Oxford Learning Advantage High School Success™ program.

At Oxford Learning, our exclusive Dynamic Assessment™ pinpoints any weaknesses in how your teen learns. Then, we individualize a program to teach him/her to achieve his/her full academic potential by working smarter, conquering homework, studying effectively for tests and exams and writing brilliant essays. Advantage High School Success™ will prepare your child for success in the upper grades and college or university and build the skills required for graduate school success.


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