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Why We Need To Get Kids Outside To See Success In The Classroom


With free time at a minimum for parents, and technology keeping kids glued to screens, getting children to exercise is a challenge that we all face across the country. How can we get kids to put their gaming controller down, and pick their running shoes up?

Find out the facts on this country-wide problem and learn how you can help get our students up and active!

Canadian Students Staying Seated

Stats coming from all across the country strongly suggest a lack of activity in children’s lives. While active students are reportedly 20% more likely to earn an A in English or Math, only 5% of 5 to 17 year olds are meeting their daily exercise recommendations. Additionally, 60% of kids between 5-17 don’t get the recommended amount of activity even just three days a week.

This problem has been noted to varying degrees in both Canadian education and parenting communities. The Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card gave Canada a D- in overall physical activity levels, and 86% of Canadians agree that children and youth generally do not get enough physical activity.

So, if everyone agrees that our youth need more activity – why hasn’t the problem been solved?

Making Progress Step-By-Step

Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem that can be overcome by simply hiding the remote control. Introducing physical activity into a child’s life is something that must be accomplished over time, and in digestible increments to achieve longterm success.

Actually achieving positive results from physical activity can be done in the amount of time it takes to watch a favourite tv show, or complete a video game level.


While this might not seem like much more activity, just as you wouldn’t be go from no physical activity to running a marathon – neither would your child. Luckily, great results can actually be achieved in minimal amounts of time.

Taking Action To Get Active

Forcing a child to get active is likely going to end in frustration and very little progress. Instead of making it seem like a chore, the easiest way for many parents to ensure their children are getting physical activity is to make sure they enjoy the activity they are getting. Enrol them into fun team sports such as soccer, hockey, or other recreational activities.

While this may seem like the ultimate solution – unfortunately many parents don’t have the resources to enrol their children in sports. Cost has the greatest potential impact on children’s participation in organized sport, far above all other factors.

To support Canada’s students, Oxford Learning and KidSport are partnering to provide children with opportunities for physical activity. [ OL-SummerLearning-blogheader-640x319 Tweet This ]

See more statistics below on why children need physical activity and the positive impact KidSport has on hundreds of thousands of children’s lives.

Oxford Learning and KidSport have teamed up!

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