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Year-end School Checklist for Parents

Although the school year is winding down, there are some things parents need to think about now, that are important to their child’s education next year and beyond. Oxford Learning presents this handy list:

Request a teacher

Schools are presently matching students and teachers for the next school year. To request a specific teacher, speak with your child’s current classroom teacher now, then put your preferences in writing in a letter to the principal. Some schools (but not all) will do their best to grant these requests, when possible.

Separating kids

If you feel strongly about separating your child from another student, you should share this concern now with your child’s current teacher. You might request that your child be in a different class, away from a friend she’s talks with too much in class. Or if your child and another child really don’t get along at all well, you may wish them separated.

Curing “Spring Fever”

Although school is finishing, this time of year can be quite busy with music recitals, sports banquets and more! Try to keep your child focused on giving their best effort at school to the very last day. Stick with your child’s regular after-school routine, including expecting that homework is being completed and school project deadlines are being met. If your child is showing signs of stress (not eating, not sleeping or irritability), speak with your child about ways to deal with the pressure.

Handling your child’s final report card

When your child presents his final report card, look carefully at each grade and compare final marks to previous grades. Read teacher comments for additional information about your child’s progress and behaviour. If you don’t understand something, contact the school immediately because teachers remain at school for a few days after classes end.

Praise your child for a great report card, but don’t get visibly upset over a less-than-perfect report card. Instead, talk about the progress that’s been made during the year and make goals and plans to do better for the next grade.

Make Time Over the Summer for Learning

There are lots of methods for kids to improve learning skills during the long summer holiday so they can return to school with added confidence. In addition to swimming lessons, soccer camps, etc., look for learning camps and programs that are run by libraries, colleges or universities, or by tutors such as Oxford Learning (please click here for more information on our summer programs). Just a few hours of learning each week over the summer will keep your child’s mind and learning skills sharp, ready to learn from day one when classes begin again.

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