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studyLittle Readers® Program Ages 3-6

Little Readers - Reading Tutors for Children 3 to 6

The early learning years are irreplaceable, when reading and learning are the key to lifelong success.

Young children WANT to learn. They want to know more and be more independent. Most of all, they want to be like you.

Little Readers® makes the most of this critical time when children are most receptive to learning.

So why a reading program? Because we recognize that reading is the one skill that every child needs to become a successful student.

We believe that it’s never too early to give a child a real academic advantage.

At Oxford Learning, we teach children as young as three years old to read. Our classes are small and we use a proprietary phonics-based program that’s as fun as it is effective.

Thanks to our advanced approach to early learning, your little one will get a kick out of:

  • reading to YOU for a change
  • impressing you with how much they know
  • relating more to the big kids

Most importantly your child will discover the joys and rewards of learning.

Through a balance of play, exploration, and discovery, Little Readers® builds strong readers and keen little learners. Come and see for yourself. Our centres are charged with the electricity of young minds at work.

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