Son reading book with his African-American father at family outdoor picnic

Inscrivez-vous aux programmes d'été dès aujourd'hui !

Abordons les zones problématiques cet été.

Les vacances d’été sont le moment idéal pour accroître la confiance envers les matières stressantes !

  • Comblez les lacunes d’apprentissage en cas de pandémie
  • Retrouvez les compétences d’étude manquantes
  • Améliorez la confiance en la matière
  • Prenez de l’avance pour l’année prochaine
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Rehannah Hussain

Owner/Centre Director

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Upcoming Events

I.E.P. Seminar Do you have a child who is currently on an Individualized Education Plan and want to learn more about what it is? Oxford Learning Cambridge is holding a FREE seminar at Queen’s Square Library on October 17th from 6pm-7pm. Topics to be discussed are: What is an IEP, how to read an IEP, the difference between accommodations and modifications, your rights as a parent, and question time. Whether your child is currently on an IEP or you would like to gain some insight on the topic, this seminar will be beneficial for all parents. Check out for more details. Continue Reading

Little Readers Open House Oxford Learning Cambridge is having a FREE open house on October 26th to let parents and children try out our Little Readers program from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Come and join us for songs, crafts, and story time. Parents will have the opportunity to learn more about our program and how it can benefit their child’s future academic success. Each student who visits will receive a special gift. There will also be a special guest joining us for the fun! Constable Harnack with the Waterloo Regional Police Department will be reading a storybook and talking about Halloween safety with the children. Wear your costume and receive a treat! Check out for more details Continue Reading

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Renforcer la confiance de votre enfant

À Oxford Learning, les élèves apprennent à développer les compétences et la confiance nécessaires pour atteindre leur plein potentiel.