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  • Part-time Math/Science Teacher

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    Part-time Math/Science Teacher

    Oxford Learning Centre Port Credit is looking for a dedicated and committed individual who enjoys teaching and helping young learners reach their full potential.
  • Immediate needs for Grade 11 and 12 math (calculus, advanced function, data management) and/or science.
  • Availability: Monday to Thursday during peak tutoring hours (3-8pm) QUALIFICATIONS (Students are welcome to apply)
    • Previous teaching/tutoring experience
    • Must have excellent math background
    • Good communication skills
    If you have a passion for learning and meet the above qualifications, please send us your resume and you will be contacted shortly. Please email resumes and cover letters to: portcredit@oxfordlearning.com  

    Port Credit Oxford Learning

    Attn: Uzma Anwar 347 Lakeshore Road East, Unit 5 Port Credit, ON L5G 1H6 Tel: 905-891-2500 Fax: 905-891-2501 Posted: September 16, 2015
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