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An A+ from us! The tutors at Oxford Learning in Port Credit have made such a difference for our grade-school and middle school children. They are reliable, resourceful, and have been patient and kind to our children over the past two years. The kids never complain about going to tutoring twice a week, and the teachers at Oxford Learning Port Credit make the time fun while learning! We love the fact that our two kids can be tutored in two entirely different subjects and each gets the additional focus in the subject areas they need. The owner, Mariangela Leto, really cares about the kids, their development, and hires great teachers and staff that are supportive and positive towards the kids and their learning. Tutoring has been a great steady supplement to regular school over the last two years and has kept them on track and progressing during the summer months too. There is a great student-to-teacher ratio and the transition from in-person tutoring to virtual tutoring during Covid-19 was seamless. Oxford Learning has helped to boost our kids’ confidence and teach them much-needed basics that they have continued to build upon as they advance in each grade. Tutoring at Oxford Learning in Port Credit has made a real academic difference and we are thrilled to have their support as our oldest transitions into high school!
K. Oxley
My son has been at Oxford Learning for over seven months, and during that short time, we have seen a great improvement in his ability to read, his focus and his overall confidence. Mariangela and her team have created a safe environment with clear expectations while pushing him to do his best. I have researched different tutoring services and I believe that Oxford Learning is one of the best specifically because of the staff at the Port Credit location and the clear program that builds on the student's skill. I would highly recommend Oxford Learning Port Credit to any parent who is looking to help their child succeed and enhance their learning in a "one size fits all" school system.
S. Ramos
I can't begin to say how much Oxford Learning in the two short years he attended not only improved my son's academic path but also his interpersonal skills. The teachers at the Port Credit branch of Oxford Learning are phenomenal! His reading, writing, and math skills are so much better due to the dedication of this wonderful group! If you are looking to have your child improve in any and all subjects this would be the first place I would take them! I also need to mention that without the wonderful leadership and guidance that was provided to us by Mariangela, we would have not realized a lot of the issues my son was having was due to CAP. With her taking the time to sit and talk with Codey and work with him one-on-one I feel his success would not be as great as it is today! Mariangela took the time out of her busy schedule to spend time with us providing insight on CAP and what we can do at home to help aid in his success. She kept us up-to-date on Codey's progress through the years plus kept him accountable. She spent one-on-one time with him and gave him the confidence that I see shines through him now! She also never made us feel as though we were just a number. She spent the time explaining the curriculum and how it would improve our son's academic career! Mariangela is truly one-of-a-kind; she is dedicated, she makes you feel comfortable and confident as a parent and we can't thank her enough! Dave A.
David A.
My daughter started attending Oxford Learning Port Credit in the beginning of the school year, and the results are more than what I expected. Her focus has greatly improved but more importantly her confidence in herself has soared. I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful team and relieved to know my daughter has the proper support she needs to learn and grow her math and reading skills. Thank you again, keep up the great work!
Jacqueline J.
We have been so pleased with the program at Oxford Learning in Port Credit. From the assessment to the targeted program developed to meet our son’s needs, it was far more than just homework help as they used techniques based on his learning challenges. The staff, especially the Owner, really care about the kids and are on top of their progress and provide consistent feedback to parents. We had a set schedule, but with advance notice, we could work around illness or conflicts and never missed out on a class. We were very happy and relieved at the progress our son has made and will be signing him up again next year.
My daughter started attending Oxford Learning Port Credit at the start of this month, and I can't be happier with the development I see in her learning abilities and confidence already in just a few weeks. She now says, “I love to learn”! Thank you so much to Mariangela and the teaching team for their efforts in engaging and encouraging Mihika. Education and knowledge is the best gift for a child. Thank you from my heart.
Beyond the progress made academically, we have seen unbelievable improvements in Bria’s self confidence and self esteem. I think that the biggest gain that Bria has made this year is how she handles the unexpected. Oxford Learning has provided a safe environment for Bria to further develop her coping skills for when things don’t go according to plan. Thank you so much for being such a positive influence on my daughter! L Shannon
L Shannon
We originally had Chloe going to Oxford Learning two days a week, but when we noticed how much she flourished and enjoyed it, we quickly signed her up for a third morning. Chloe’s eyes light up when she tells us about her mornings, and she asks if she has school in the mornings during our bedtime talks. She shrieks in excitement when we tell her that she does. We think that she would happily attend every day of the week! Our experience at Oxford Learning has been absolutely wonderful; you’ve given her a love of learning. M and G Vogiatis
M and G Vogiatis
Our son first started Oxford Learning a year ago to improve his reading. He is now reading at, or a bit above, grade level and is enjoying it! We honestly recommend Oxford Learning to everyone. The attention to his progress is closely monitored by Julia and Michelle. They tailor his lessons to current struggles in school and look ahead for problems that might arise based on how he learns. They teach him HOW to learn, not just how to arrive at the answer. His teacher always comments on how he has a fantastic and focused work ethic, something he had never had before. We truly believe Port Credit Oxford Learning has set our son up for a successful future. -Chris

Port Credit Family

Mariangela Leto, M.Ed., B.A. (Hons.Psy)

Owner, Education Director

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