Say “Oui” to Better French Grades

French might be our official second language, but that doesn’t mean that it comes naturally to all students. From learning to say bonjour for the first time, to having fluent conversations — and everything in between — Oxford Learning®’s French tutoring helps students of all skill levels develop stronger French confidence.

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Elementary School French Tutoring

Our elementary school French tutors tailor your child’s French program to his or her exact needs — vocabulary, spelling, verbs, and grammar all get a boost as your child’s French language confidence and grades soar. Learn more about our elementary school French tutoring programs and how they can help your child.

High School French Tutoring

Oxford Learning®’s high school French tutoring programs are designed to help your student expand and improve his or her French skills. Students get dedicated support in areas including writing, reading, and speaking in French at an advanced level. Find out how our high school French tutors can help students develop their language skills.

Better thinking and learning skills, en français!

Oxford Learning®’s En français French tutoring program helps your child develop stronger thinking and learning skills, in French, including:

  • Time management
  • Homework management
  • Reading and retaining information
  • Problem solving skills
  • Verb practice
  • Spelling skills
  • Grammar

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