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Science is an intensive, information-filled subject that employs logic and mathematic formulas. While some students may breeze through science class with relative ease, other students may need extra science help & tutoring support. Oxford Learning’s science tutoring programs offers a customized approach to learning science.

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Elementary School Science Tutoring

From space to cells — and everything in between — elementary students begin to learn about how the scientific world works. Select an elementary science class below:

Elementary School Science

    With Oxford Learning®’s elementary school science tutors, elementary students learn how to grasp scientific concepts with a personalized program that teaches active learning skills. Regardless of the grade, Oxford Learning® students develop stronger thinking and learning skills so that they become critical and active thinkers, both inside and outside the classroom.

High School Science Tutoring

As students get older, science gets more specialized with topics like physics, biology, chemistry. As difficult concepts such as linear motion, osmosis, momentum, and genetics are introduced, a science tutor can help ease any confusion and stress. Select a high school science class below:

High School Science

    With customized help from a high school science tutor, students will be able to make sense of what they are learning, and pick up valuable study skills that they can rely on in science class and in every other class. With stronger cognitive and academic skills, students of all ages become confident, motivated, and ready to learn.

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