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Grade 8 Science Tutoring

The Grade 8 Science tutoring program helps students improve their learning skills so they can better understand increasingly advanced areas of science.

Science in Grade 8 is increasingly complex, dealing with cells, systems and other higher level concepts. If your teen is struggling in his/her science class, Oxford Learning®’s Grade 8 science tutoring can aid the learning process and allow your teen to approach science with enthusiasm and confidence.

Better learning isn’t just about improving grades. With Oxford Learning®’s Grade 8 science tutoring program, our students not only improve their grade, but also learn other valuable skills, including study skills, critical thinking skills, planning abilities, and confidence. Teaching skills that can be used for many years – that’s Oxford Learning®’s difference.

Grade 8 Science Tutoring Subjects

  • How cells are the basis of life
  • The impact of cell biology on individuals, society, and the environment
  • Investigate processes and functions of animal and plant cells
  • How healthy cells contribute to healthy organisms
Systems in Action
  • Human, mechanical, or natural systems enable society to function more smoothly
  • Input vs. output
  • How systems are designed to optimize human and natural resources
  • How systems accomplish many different types of tasks
  • The properties of fluids
  • How fluids are used in different technologies
  • How those technologies impact society and the environment
  • How fluids are essential to life
Water Systems
  • How essential water is to all forms of life on Earth
  • Water systems influence climate and weather patterns
  • The importance of water as a resource
  • Factors that affect the quality of local water