Getting Ahead of the Classroom

When the classroom isn’t providing enough of a challenge, Oxford Learning®’s enrichment program can help. Our customized programs are designed to meet each child’s unique needs and progress a pace that a student finds comfortable — never too fast nor too slow.

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Your Child Sets the Pace

Because your child’s program is customized to meet his or her needs, your child is not limited to learning according the pre-determined requirements of his or her grade, allowing your child to learn above-grade concepts whenever he or she is ready. With Oxford Learning®’s enrichment program, your child will stay motivated and academically stimulated inside and outside the classroom. Oxford Learning® provides enrichment programs to take your child’s learning to the next level:

Elementary Enrichment

  • Balance their school schedule effectively
  • Ensure that work is done to their best of their ability and on time
  • Cultivate critical thinking strategies

High School Enrichment

  • An engaged attitude towards high school curriculum
  • Intrigue in certain subjects
  • Communicate ideas coherently and with purpose
  • Develop study skills and preparation for large exams/assignments
  • Improved note taking skills to intake large amounts of information and process them effectively retain important information

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