The Importance of Summer Learning

Studies into summer learning show that students who participate in summer learning programs have an academic advantage in the fall: they are ahead in reading, they are ahead in math, and they start the school year ready to learn.

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A Smarter Summer at Oxford Learning®

Research into summer learning shows that students can lose up to 30% of their academic skills over the summer break. This means that in the fall, students are actually further behind than when they left school at the beginning of summer. Maintaining academic momentum over the summer prevents this backward learning slide, helps students remember the material they spent the school year learning, and keeps their brains in active learning mode so that they are ready to learn from the first day of school.

With Oxford Learning® Summer tutoring programs, children:

  • maintain an educational routine
  • catch up at a comfortable pace
  • get ahead with introduction to next-grade concepts
  • develop new learning skills

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